How To Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole? 3 Easy Methods

Home safety is always on top priority. And for safety purposes, we use different types of lock systems. A lock system is not only a mechanism but also a fact of satisfaction. But do you know how to unlock bedroom door with hole?

how to unlock bedroom door with hole

To unlock a bedroom door, you can use 3 simple ways. They’re a plastic card, a screwdriver, and the last resource is a powerful force against a weak point.

You may not need to follow all the 3 types to unlock the bedroom door, but you must follow some safety measurements in every way. In this article, we’ve tried to describe all 3 processes to open the door.

How to Unlock Bedroom Door With Hole? Methods Explained

There are 3 simple methods that you can follow to unlock your door lock. The methods are:

A Screwdriver

The screwdriver has to be 5/64th of a regular size and flat-head. These drives are generally used for repairing electronic devices. For emergency cases, this kind of screwdriver fits the best.

unlocking bedroom door lock with a screwdriver

In case you don’t have a screwdriver of that size, you can use a paper clip. Just straighten the clip and then insert it into the hole. But before that try with the screwdriver.  

First, grab the screwdriver and insert it into the tiny hole beside the knob. You have to hold it properly, you may feel a little resistance. If there’s no resistance then, you need to do the process again.  And if there’s resistance push it a little deeper until you can hear a clicking sound and the door is open.

In case pushing inside the hole doesn’t work, don’t panic. Just change the force direction as the inside mechanism is a turn-style lock. And for that, rotate the screwdriver inside the same hole until the screw comes apart. Don’t stop here keep rotating and suddenly the door is open.

Product Recommendation:

You need to use a heavy screwdriver if you want to unlock your door with it. Wiha 53390 Slotted and Phillips, Extra Heavy Duty screwdriver might be your good assistant to do so. 

A Plastic Card

If your door lock is not opening, then a simple plastic card like a bank card or id card can come in handy. If you have a knife nearby, it can work too.

 unlocking bedroom door lock with a plastic card

First, hold the doorknob with your left hand(the less used arm) and push the card slightly bent. Now continuously move the card up and down. At the same time keep pushing a little on the doorknob.

This combined attempt is quite a useful trick for reducing friction and pressure from the latch at the same time. Just keep it going and suddenly you’ll find the door is open. 

External Force

You might’ve seen on tv programs kicking the door or applying force with arms to open a door. Well, for opening your bedroom door lock this is the last and safe resource we can suggest. 

unlocking bedroom door lock with a Power Kick

Before applying force, confirm first the best spot to kick. Normally a precise kick beside the handle from a distance. Avoid the step if you’re not confident or don’t want to damage the door. If possible try the methods discussed above or call the locksmith.

Is it possible to open a locked bedroom door?

If you have a proper key set and your lock’s mechanism is operating properly, it is possible to open a locked bedroom door. But there are some exceptions too, that allows you to open otherwise, though these exceptions are not for regular use. 

And don’t even try to use it for illegal purposes, if you do otherwise we won’t be held responsible, you’re on your own. We’ve made a list of the best bedroom locks, you may like them.

How do you unlock a bedroom door without a key?

You may be locked inside or outside the bedroom with a security key, but the key is lost or missing. And now you have to enter into. For that, look for a tiny hole on the doorknob and push a small screwdriver inside. Keeping the driver inside, rotate counter-clockwise until the lock is open through a groove.

You may don’t know how to open a jammed door lock or how to unlock bedroom door with hole. In case, we’ve easy tutorials to help you out.


What is the Purpose of the Tiny Hole?

These types of holes are used for emergency cases, that’s why they’re called privacy locks. The door can be opened when you push the button, but only for a limited time. So using this hole multiple times is not prescribed both ethically and mechanically.

Wrapping Up

Lock systems were invented to ensure the safety of a specific subject. Nowadays we use locks for almost everything even in the bedroom. But in case you don’t know how to unlock bedroom door with hole? 

In this article, we’ve explained all three most effective ways to open your door. All you need to do is, read our article thoroughly and follow them accordingly with enough safety measurements. 

Never compromise with safety measurement, no matter how difficult the process is. Best wishes.