How to Choose the Best Bedroom Door Lock In 2021

Best Bedroom Door LockBuying Guide

Your personal safety and privacy are important. In order to fulfill those needs adequately, consider the following factors in mind choosing a bedroom door lock for you or your family members.

Lock Type

As you probably already know, the number of options you have when it comes to selecting a bedroom door lock are numerous, to say the least. Here’s a rundown of the different types to help you narrow it down.

1. Deadbolt

Although deadbolt locks are typically seen on exterior doors, they can be invaluable in enhancing the security of your internal rooms. This is because deadbolt locks integrate a bolt that slides into a bracket on the wall opposite. This means that an intruder will have to penetrate the door, wall, or bolt–a difficult task indeed.

Furthermore, the majority of deadbolt locks require a key to be turned on the exterior side, while from the inside, it can be unlocked with a thumb turn. If your door is made from weak materials, though, it can be easy for a potential intruder to extend their hand inside and disable the deadbolt.

2. Knob Lock

One of the most common types of door lock that you’ll see in most household interiors. The lock is housed within a circular doorknob, and they typically come with a push-button for locking.

Similar to a knob lock, you might also consider a handled knob lock (also called a lever lock); this one also comes with a push-button. Alternatively, it might come with a tab that has to be turned. We personally prefer to handle locks as they have a greater aesthetic value. Plus, they’re easy to use for kids and the elderly.

Knob locks, for the most part, will offer you reliable privacy. When it comes to security, however, they don’t offer much as the hole in the knob’s center can be easily manipulated by picking. So if security is your main concern in buying a bedroom door lock, we’d advise against getting one of these.

3. Chain Lock

The entire mechanism of a chain lock consists of a simple but strong metal chain that hangs from the wall opposite to the door and goes into a latch attached to the door. If you’re concerned about privacy, then a chain lock will serve you quite well. Let’s say you need to look at someone standing on the other side while talking to them; you can do that without letting them in. Ideal for roommates!

When it comes to security, though, chain locks aren’t the best option. Although it would take a while for an intruder to break the chain, it’s not impossible; furthermore, the chain does allow for the door to be opened slightly ajar if there is no other locking mechanism on the door. So an intruder would be able to break the latch easily in such a case.

ANSI Security Rating

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute, a non-profit organization that independently measures the security levels of various consumer products and services. When it comes to bedroom door locks, they can be categorized as security grades 1, 2, or 3.

Grade 1

As this is the highest ANSI security rating a bedroom lock can have, it’s also the safest. Grade 1 locks have been put through one million open-and-close test cycles and can stand up to ten strikes of 75 pounds maximum.

Grade 2

Typically made from high-quality materials, Grade 2 locks can stand up to five strikes of 75 pounds and have been tested for 800,000 open-and-close cycles. Most door locks, interior, and exterior come with an ANSI Grade 2 rating.

Grade 3

This is the lowest ANSI security rating for a door lock, so such a lock is not ideal for security. However, they are a popular choice for indoor door locks. So if you’re concerned more about bedroom privacy than security, a grade 3 lock should be fine.

Smart Capabilities

By now, you probably already know about the existence of smart door locks. These are locks that incorporate extra layers of security using PIN codes, passwords, and facial/thumbprint recognition. They typically require Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work as they can be manipulated remotely using a smartphone (hence the name), tab or laptop.

It might seem a little over-the-top to settle for a smart lock for an interior door, but you might want to seriously consider it if the lock in question is for a child’s or elderly’s room. You will be able to lock and unlock the door for them without worrying if they have done it themselves. We don’t recommend it for teenagers, though, as they deserve some privacy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it a good idea to put a lock on my child’s bedroom door?

It’s best not to; door locks on children’s bedrooms are considered a fire hazard as the child could accidentally lock themselves in during a fire. So if you absolutely must get a lock for their room, make sure you have a key on hand for emergencies.

2. How does a jimmy-proof lock work?

Such a lock is usually characterized by an oval shape. It has a flat side and incorporates a bolt that, when the door is closed, slides down and up into the strike plate. This is what makes it jimmy-proof.

3. Is it expensive to install a bedroom door lock?

Yes, it can set you back up to $250. However, unless you have experience in DIY and the right tools, installing it yourself might be difficult.

4. How can I install a bedroom door lock by myself?

Check out this video for some pointers; we found it to be quite helpful.

5. Does it make sense to put a smart lock indoors?

If you have advanced security needs, or if you’re concerned about the safety of your child or important belongings, then we don’t see why not!


As we’ve seen, the best bedroom door locks come in all shapes, types, sizes, and security levels. Before you choose one for yourself, consider the lock’s main purpose: is it for extra security, or is it for your privacy? That will allow you to make your choice more easily.

Good luck, and may your locks always stay secure!


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