How to Fix Your Hinge Bound Door in 6 Steps?

After frequent use of your cabinet, it’s common to face hinge bound door problems. It can cause due to different reasons and lead you to additional issues using it. But knowing how to fix a hinge bound door can save you from the hassle. If you have the DIY skill, you can easily fix it without replacing it with a new one. 

Hinge bound door problems are mainly the cause of the hinge issues. But it can be caused due to door position or weather conditions too. To fix the hinge, you need to check the hinge condition, then clean and lubricate it. 

After that, you can add shims and loosen or tighten the hinge to fix the position. Lastly, check out for additional issues and test the door to make sure the problem is solved. 

However, follow the 6 steps guidelines to perform these steps effectively. Finally, you can make

How to Fix Your Hinge Bound Door in 6 Steps

Why Does Your Door Cause the Hinge Bound Problem? 

You might be surprised why is my door hinge bound? Well, this hinge bound is a common problem and can be caused due to any reason. 

Before we dive into the fixing steps, you should know the possible reasons behind the hinge bound door problem. This knowledge will help you to fix your issues more effectively in future cases. 

For example, it can be caused due to poor maintenance habits or using a low-quality hinge on the door. However, in most cases, the bound door problem cab caused due to random hinge issues like tightly or loosely attached screws. 

Why Does Your Door Cause the Hinge Bound Problem

Or inappropriate hinge positioning on the door. There is even an opportunity for this to happen if there is a gap between the hinge plate and the door lock

Nevertheless, an uneven door position can also lead you to this problem. Or you might face this problem due to extreme weather conditions. However, stick with our guidelines to know how to fix a hinge bound cabinet door in easy steps.   

How to Fix a Hinge Bound Door in Easy 6 Steps

Hinge bound door problems can cause your time and effort in a lengthy process. But you can make it simple if you have DIY fixing skills. You can simply do it by following our 5 step-by-step processes. These simple steps will save you time and hassle in an effective professional way. 

Check the Hinge Condition

In most cases, bound door problems are caused due to the bad hinge condition. You can check for annoying noise on your door hinge. If you find any unusual hinge, then you can identify it as a bad hinge condition. You need to fix this as soon as possible. Any kind of bad condition on your hinge can lead you to bound door irritating problems. 

How to Fix a Hinge Bound Door in Easy 6 Steps

Apply Lubricant on the Hinge

The hinge mechanism can be wrong over time, with frequent door movement. Therefore, you must ensure the hinge mechanism is perfect before driving into complex fixing steps. 

Try cleaning the hinge area with a brush or a clean rag. You can apply good quality lubricant on the hinge also. A rust-proof metal lubricant is also ideal for hinge maintenance as well. 

Add Shims Technical  on the Hinge

Adding shim prices on the hinge can be a good idea to make an ideal gap between the wall and door hinge. This will result in you getting a perfect gap between them and it won’t stick tightly against the wall. 

When the hinge closes and opens smoothly, this will ensure smooth operation. You can use any handy shims to insert on the hinge. Wooden or plastic shims are preferable to use in this case. In order to do this, you must remove the hinge closest to the binding point. 

Tight the Loose Screws of the Hinge

If the hinge screws are loose, then it can also cause the hinge bound door problem. That’s why you need to tighten the loosely attached screws on the hinge. If the hinge position is not fixed, you need to fix it with a screwdriver. In that case, you can use any random manual screwdriver to tighten the screws. But using an electric screwdriver can make it harder for the process. 

Check Additional Issues on the Bound Door

Once you fix the hinge issue, you need to check for additional binding problems. For instance, door bound can arise due to the top or bottom alignment not being right. It can be caused if your carpet is heavy and wears too much. 

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As a result, it can prevent the free movement of the door. And your binding problem won’t be solved if you leave it as it is. Check the top or bottom alignment and ensure these are evenly aligned. For this, you can remove the binding by scraping the top surface of the door with a door rasp.

Fix Seasonal Hinge Bound Door Problem

If you use a wooden door, then it’s normal to face bound door problems in critical weather situations. Due to wet and humid conditions, wooden doors can be swollen and cause binding problems on the door. 

Therefore you need to apply a good coat of paint on your wooden door to prevent these types of seasonal swollen problems due to extreme weather conditions. 

 Fix Seasonal Hinge Bound Door Problem

If your door won’t go back on hinges, know the solution here. 

If you like to see the fixing process in a video, then check it out here:


Final Thoughts

Hinge bound door problems are so annoying and problematic to use the door frequently. Over time it can damage the cabinet and is worth no use. But if you know how to fix a hinge bound door you can save it from permanent damage. Again you need good maintenance to keep the hinge mechanism right on track. So that you can use it for a long time. 

Also, it will protect from weather damage and additional issues on it. Therefore this DIY skill can save you from replacing or repairing the cost for it. However, following the step-by-step guidelines will help you to solve it without any hassle.