How to Put Pin Back In Door Hinge?

Door hinge pins sometimes tend to come out if they aren’t properly fitted. This can also happen if we remove door pins from hinges for maintenance or replacement. If we don’t put the pin back in place correctly, the pin might come out over time and cause the door panel to fall over.

How to Put Pin Back In Door Hinge

So, how to put the pin back in the door hinge? We can use a mallet to hit the hinge pin head until it is completely inserted into the hinge barrel. Lubricating the hinge pin is also necessary.

Remember, we need to perfectly align the door panel with the jamb so that the hinge barrel is straight. Otherwise, the hinge pin might get broken.

Having more queries about putting the hinge pin back in place isn’t uncommon. In this guide, we will clarify all confusion regarding hinge pin installation. Here we go.

Why Do Hinge Pins Come Out?

Hinge pins are designed to stay inside the hinge barrel so that the door panel can securely swing around the jamb. Then, why do door hinge pins come out? This usually happens for two reasons.

Hinge pins remain within the hinge barrel

If the hinge pin isn’t fitted properly inside the hinge barrel, uneven friction can gradually push the hinge pin upward. As a result, the pin will continue to rise until it comes out completely. You might not notice the process until the pin is out and the door panel starts quivering. 

Another probable reason is not installing the hinge pin properly after removing or replacing the pin. When you remove door hinge pins for maintenance, they should be put back in place with the utmost care. You need to ensure the pin is completely inserted and there is almost no gap between the hinge pin head and the hinge barrel. 

If you don’t know how to remove door pins from hinges and put them back in place, check this out.

How to Put Pin Back In Door Hinge?

You can follow different methods to put the hinge pin back in the door hinge. Let’s first try with simple tools we commonly have in our households.

 2 ways to put pin back in door hinge

Using a Hammer

This is the simplest way of putting the hinge pin back in place. Follow the steps to install the hinge pin correctly.

  • Take a hammer to hit the hinge pin head. A medium-sized hammer will be okay for this job.
  • Gently hit the flat head of the hinge pin until it completely goes down into the barrel.
  • During the process, someone should assist you by holding the door panel in place. It will ensure the barrels are aligned properly.

Using a Hinge Pin Tool Set

You might find several hinge pin tool sets out there. Some of them are spring-operated, while others can be used with a hammer. You can choose any of them to install the door hinge pin. Here is how.

  • If you use a spring-operated hinge pin tool, you should use it from the top and face downward.
  • Pull and release the spring mechanism to hit the hinge pin head. Repeating this process will push the hinge pin into the barrel.
  • Continue to hit the pin head until the pin is inserted into the barrel. After installing, check whether the pin is loose to ensure it won’t come out when you open and close the door.

How to Keep Door Hinge Pins from Coming Out?

The squeaking of door hinge pins is undoubtedly irritating. And this can also be risky if it continues to come out. So, how do you stop a door hinge pin from coming out? Check the following methods.

Using WD-40

You can use WD-40 to keep the door hinge pin from coming out. It will also prevent rust on door pins. 

Simply remove the door pins that squeak. Spray WD-40 on them and let them sit for some time. Install the pins back in place, and now they will stop squeaking. It will also prevent pins from coming out.

Using Petroleum Jelly

If you don’t have WD-40 or want to create a mess around the doors, you can also use petroleum jelly. You need to remove the door hinge pins and apply petroleum jelly to them. Then, install them again and see the noises vanishing instantly. And the pins won’t come out due to the lubrication.

Are Push Open Door Hinges Better?

What is push to open door hinge? And, is there any possibility of its pin coming out?

Push-Open Door Hinges Are Slightly Different Than Regular Hinges

Push-open door hinges are slightly different than regular hinges.  Putting the pin back in the door hinge might be more difficult in this case. As these hinges are adjustable in multiple directions, you must take care of all pins to completely remove or install the door.

Tips to Put Pin Back In Door Hinge

If you want to keep the door hinge pin in place, you should follow these tips from industry professionals.

  • When removing or installing the door hinge pin, don’t use excessive force. Otherwise, the pin might bend and become unusable.
  • Always lube the pin and the barrel before installing. This will ensure the pin faces less friction and won’t come out easily.
  • Use a hinge pin tool set to get the job done without damaging the door’s finish or the hinge.

Final Words

Removing pins from door hinges might seem to be easy and fun. But problems occur when you don’t put them back in the door hinge correctly. Poorly installed pins will easily come out of the hinge and cause the door to fall over. It can lead to damage to the hinge mechanism or the door panel.

To prevent pins from coming out, you need to know how to put pin back in door hinge correctly. We showed several methods with some helpful tips so that you can do it yourself.