8 Steps to Replace a Pocket Door Track | Simple And Easy Step Guidelines

Are you facing trouble with your pocket door? Or it’s getting old and eventually stuck during sliding? Then you might need to replace the pocket door track with no delay. But how to replace a pocket door track without the annoying hassle? 

How To Replace A Pocket Door Track With 8 Steps

Replacing can be simple if you follow the steps accordingly. 

All you need to do is remove the frame of the door and then lift out the door from the track. Screw up all the studs from the track and install the new track on the door. Then adjust the door into the new track and fix everything up like before. 

Check out the full demonstration on the video:  

Here we recommend you to follow our 8 steps guidelines. You will then get rid of the big hassle. 

When Do You Need To Replace? Why Not Fix It?

You may need to consider the replacement process due to many reasons. For example, if the door is not sliding smoothly or gets stuck inside the truck. Well, it might be caused by the rollers as well. In that case, you only need to fix the rollers. Know how to fix a pocket door

How To Fix A Pocket Door

How Can You Replace A Pocket Door Track Within 8 Easy Steps? 

Remove The Frame Off 

You need to remove the door frame first. Usually, it is sealed in the drywall. So lose the frame and remove it without damaging the frame and drywall. 

8 Easy Steps To Replace A Pocket Door Track

Cause you need to replace it at the end. Also do not remove the four parts of the frame just the upper part is enough. Using a utility putty knife or tonged end will be handy for the task.  

Remove The Door from The Track 

In the next step, you need to lift out the door from the old track of the sliding mechanism. If the door is roller-skated, simply pray and tap the rollers to remove it. 

In the case of the j-track type, you need to angle the upper part and then remove the rollers from the track. If the door is stuck inside, you need to remove it by prying the upper and bottom edges. 

Identify The Possible Damages

Once you can identify the damage on the door, you can easily fix it. The possible damage can be on the roller in the old track. Check the rollers carefully and figure out whether it’s broken or the axis is twisted. 

Also, check the possible damage on the old track. Over time it can be bent or buckled and cause unsmooth sliding. All you need to replace it with a new one. 

Replace The Old Rollers

The next question is how to replace pocket door rollers? All you need to do is loosen the screws of the rollers and remove them. Then install the new rollers

It’s good to replace old rollers for better sliding and moving. Make sure the wheels move smoothly while you slide the rollers. Check out the smooth cheapest rollers here.  

Remove The Old Track

Eventually, the track can become worn out. It’s better to replace it. To replace it you may need to cut holes in the drywall. If it’s too old, then use a stud finder to find them. Also, use a high-quality saw to cut holes in the drywall. Then simply unscrew the track and pull it out. 

Place The New Door Track

After removing the old door track, you need to install the new track on the wall. Make sure to buy the new track with the same measurement. 

Unless it won’t fit on the track slot. Simply install a new door track on the slot using the access holes. Using a nail gun can make it easier. Adjust The New Track If Required 

Once you install the track in the track slot, you need to adjust it. Sometimes you need to fix small issues to adjust it properly. Otherwise, it can be a problem after you hang the door. Check the track and rollers of the door work smoothly or not. Adjust may be required on the door slab before you attach it. 

Install The Door Back On The New Track

Finally re-install the door back on the new track. First, angle the door’s bottom and place the top into the frame. At the same time fit the rollers into the track. Make sure you place the door vertically and everything is on the right fit with the new frame. 

Pocket Door Installation


Replacing a pocket door track is not as much hassle as it seems. Following the 8 easy steps, you will know how to replace a pocket door track by yourself. Remember replacing is not just the end. You have to fix the drywall if you make the access whole during the work. 

Also, you need to adjust the door as before. Finally, you will get a smooth slide on your pocket door. Additionally, you need to lubricate the rollers to keep the smoothness over time.