How to Remove Door Pins from Hinges?

In the case of door panel rework, it is more convenient to remove the door panel from the jamb. But unscrewing all the hinges and screwing them back is a big hassle. To save time and effort, the door can be removed by just removing the door pins from the hinges.

How to Remove Door Pins from Hinges

So, how to remove door pins from hinges? If the hinge is new, prying the hinge pin head will easily remove it. But if the hinge is old and corroded, it will require some ramming with a nail punch and a hammer. The safest way is to use a proper hinge pin removal tool to remove the hinge pin without any risks.

In this guide, we will focus on the methods of removing door pins from hinges along with safety tips during the process. Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need to Remove Door Pin from Hinges?

In most cases, when the door panel needs some polish or glazing, it should be removed from the jamb. Removing the door panel gives better access to all sides of the door panel.

The Door Pins Are Removed When It Requires Polishing

You can remove the door panel in two ways. The first one is to unscrew all the hinges and the second way is to remove the door pins from the hinges. It will take a lot more time and effort if you choose the first way.

So, removing door pins from hinges is the most common way of removing the door panel. You might also want to remove door pins if the part is corroded or squeaky. Before you learn how to fix squeaky door hinges, here will be a complete guide on how to remove the pin in the first place.

How to Remove Door Pins from Hinges?

You can remove door pins from hinges in several ways. Let’s break these ways down for your convenience.

The Screwdriver and Hammer Method

If the hinge is new, you can use this method. But it might not always work if the hinge pin head is jammed or rusted. Here are the steps.

  • Take a flat head screwdriver and a hammer. 
  • Insert the screwdriver head into the gap between the hinge and the hinge pin head. This gap is very small, so you should carefully insert the screwdriver.
  • Press the screwdriver handle downward. The hinge pin might come out a bit if you are lucky.
  • But if it doesn’t, you need to tap the handle with the hammer lightly. Don’t use too much force; otherwise, the handle might break. The screwdriver can hit the door panel or the jamb and damage the finish. Or, in worst cases, you might batter your fingers with the hammer.
  • The door pin should come out by enough length where you can pull the pin out with your fingers.

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The Nail Punch and Hammer Method

This method is useful if you have a nail punch or a regular large nail. But you need to be extra careful in this method. 

  • Take a nail with a flat head and place it beneath the door pin.
  • Lightly tap on the nail upward with the hammer so that it pushes the door pin upward. As you need to hold the nail with your fingers, be very careful while ramming with the hammer. A simple mistake can injure your friends. You can also damage the finish of the door with a loose nail.
  • Once the hinge pin head is out, you can easily pull the rest out of the hinge. 
2 Ways to Remove Door Pins from Hinges

Before you learn how to put pin back in door hinge, we have one more way to remove door pins. Check that out.

The Hinge Pin Removal Tool Method

This is the most efficient and safest way of removing door pins from hinges. You just need the right tool to remove door pins. You will find different hinge pin tools to either use with your hand or a hammer.

  • If you use a handheld hinge pin removal tool, you just need to place the nail of the tool beneath the door pin. Then you can pull the spring mechanism and release it to hit the bottom of the pin. It will gradually push the door pin upward so that you can pull the door pin out from the top.
  • Another common tool is also there, which needs a hammer. You just need to place the nail of the tool beneath the hinge pin. And the plastic handle will guide you along the hinge. Hammer at the bottom of the hinge pin remover so that it pushes the door pin upward. Simply remove the pin from there.

Are All Door Hinge Pins Removable?

Many ask, are all door hinge pins removable? You can’t actually remove all door hinge pins. How do you identify non-removable hinge pins? If you watch closely on the knuckle side of the hinge, there will be a small hole. A set screw will be there to mark the pin as non-removable.

You can not actually remove all door hinge pins

Tips to Remove Door Pins from Hinges

To keep your work simple and secure, you can follow these tips.

  • When removing door pins, start from the bottom. If you start with the top pin, the door panel might fall over when you are working on the bottom pins.
  • The door panel should be firmly pressed against the jamb when you are removing the last pin. 
  • After removal, organize the door pins so you can easily find out which pin goes where.

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Final Words

Removing door pins from hinges isn’t that difficult. But if you don’t know the right method or have the right tool, you might injure yourself or damage the object.

To keep you from any unwanted mishaps, we showed you the correct ways of removing door pins from hinges. You might have also learned whether can you remove a non removable hinge pin

We suggest you follow these methods with extra caution while removing door pins. And lube the hinge pin if required to get the job done quickly.