7 Easy Solutions to Fix Gap Between Door Jamb and Floor

Calling pals over to your house and they discovering a gap between door trim and floor would be an awkward situation. To avoid facing this kind of situation, you would need quick, effective, and affordable way-outs.

So, how to fix gap between door jamb and floor? Thinking of this query, I have picked up 7 different methods which any DIYers would love to try. Before wasting any further time, let me just get to the point.

How To Fix Gap Between Door Jamb and Floor

How To Fix Gap Between Door Jamb and Floor – Try 7 Ways!

Use wood filler, caulk, threshold seal strip, fit casing, plinth block, door jamb pieces, or just prime & paint the gap between the jamb and floor. Before that, determine the distance to fit the pieces properly.

To fix any error, start with preparation and touchups. Meaning you need to measure the gaps and pick out a solid plan to try.   

For example, if the barn door stick out from the wall is around 2 inches and you want to cover the gaps, you have to think of the dimension and then insert the sealant or wooden pieces (it’s just an imaginary situation don’t take it seriously). 

gap between door frame and tile

Just measure the gap between door frame and tile and then try the following techniques to be successful. You’ll need to buy some tools and gears to fit the materials inside the gap properly too. 

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My Recommendations

1. Use Wood Filler

  • Use a wood chisel and cut the door jamb in a decent manner. 
  • Throw out all the dust. Then, sand down the surface to remove the paints. 
  • Grab the filler and make a paste to place on the surface. 
  • With the putty knife, patch up the surface smoothly. Before times up, you can level the paste to spread evenly. Wait for 2 minutes. Done!

2. Apply Caulk

  • Grab a caulk that matches the color of the door jamb.
  • Rip the tip (if the caulk is in a tube) and make a hole around 0.25” (6.37 mm).
  • Squash the tube and let the cream rest on the gap which needs fixation.
  • Use your finger to level the surface. Wait for some while.

3. Insert A Threshold Seal

  • Measure the distance using tape.
  • Cut the threshold seal strip using a hacksaw (if the gap is 1/5” then cut it in 1/5”).
  • Apply it on the gap using strong adhesive glue to stick to the place.

Pro Tip: You can use a squeezable rubber seal as an alternative option.

4. Attach Casing Part

  • After measuring the gap, cut a piece of casing to fit inside the hole between the door jamb to the floor.
  • Put glue on the backside of the casing chunk and attach it to the gap.
  • Hammer the surface lightly around 2 to 5 times.

5. Utilize Casing & Plinth Block

  • Get the pull saw and rip the casing. Be sure not to detach it. 
  • Insert the plinth block. 
  • Grab an electric jamb saw and use it to rip the casing overhead mold.  
  • Attach a thin plinth. 

6. Place in Extra Door Jamb

  • Bring the old door jamb (extra one). Cut it according to the gap measurement using a drill or wood trimmer for shaping. 
  • Add it to the gap and simply tap on it with a hammer. 
  • After placing the chunk perfectly, if you see some openings, then insert sealant or wood pieces to cover well. 

7. Patch Up with Prime & Paint 

  • If you choose none of the above techniques and prefer an effortless way of fixing the gap, then apply primer and paint. 
  • Sand down the surface to even out.
  • Cover up any cracked surface using filler.  
  • Primer down the surface and wait for 4 hours or more. 
  • Take a brush and paint box. Soak the brush over the paint and repaint the surface to make it look natural. Let it soak for several hours. Then, re-paint the surface 2 to 3 times for full coverage. Dry the surface and complete the job. 


Living in a home that has treatable imperfections might need a good repair. And I hope this guide is able to help you out with a few handy solutions about how to fix gap between door jamb and floor.

So, try them and see if this work. Wish You Success!