How To Remove Door Latch Without Screws? Easy and Efficient Hacks

Normally you can not install a door lock without screws, this can break in anytime. Now you want to remove that door latch and wondering how to remove the door latch without screws?

how to remove door latch without screws

It’s a simple task. Just remove the door handle first, and pry out the latch bolt with a screwdriver. This will disassemble all the latch out of the door knob hole.

How to Remove Door Latch Without Screws: Removing Procedure

Removing a door latch is not a tough one. But if you know the process, no matter how tricky the mechanism is, you’ll succeed eventually. Though Lubricating the doorknob helps sometimes.

 Step-By-Step Removing doorknob latch

Normally there’s a mounting plate installed with screws beneath the handlebar. Now that you’re referring screws missing, then probably the mounting plate is not installed.

Now to remove the door latch without screws, you have to follow the steps below:

1.     Finding the slot: You have to look for a recessed slot or a tiny hole in the neck of the handle or lever. If found insert a screwdriver measuring 5/64in width and figure out whether there’s a screw or button.

2.     If there’s a screw in the hole then rotate the screwdriver until the handle comes out. Or push the button until it triggers the door mechanism and allows you to pull out the handles.

3.     When the handles are pulled out, use your screwdriver again, and pry out the latch little by little.

Throughout the whole process, kindly pay attention to every single detail so that no part gets damaged.

How Do I Remove an Old Door Latch?

We hardly want to open or move something until it’s necessary, right? The same reason goes for our door latch too. What’ll you do when your door latch is not performing sound, getting stuck randomly, or getting jammed, and even the locksmiths are given up? 

How Do I Remove an Old Door Latch

You’ll have no other option but to remove and change that.  

Latch removing process for both old and trendy doors is quite the same. There might be a little different. But often those difference doesn’t bother you really. From this point of view, you may find the old ones either easy or a bit difficult to handle. 

Just remove the handles or levers pull the plates off and then push the latch set with a screwdriver and the latch is in your hand. 

Remember, some of the old door latches may not work the way we described here, in that case, contact an expert locksmith.

Product Recommendation:

If you are thinking about getting a new door latch after removing the old one, you might check out the Defender Security U 11316 Swing Bar Door Guard With High Security Auxiliary Lock

In case you want to know how to remove drive-in latch collar or how to unlock the bedroom door with hole, we have a pretty good tutorial to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doorknob latch?

A doorknob latch is a mechanism that is set in the middle of two doorknobs in the door and moves through the door’s hole to another hole in the door’s frame. This latch performs with the door, locks the door primarily, and opens when you rotate the handle or key.

Are All Door Latches the Same?

In the USA, there’re two common types of doorknobs(non-industrial). They’re 2 ⅜ inches and 2 ¾ inches and these sizes are defined based on the backset you choose. This means you’ll get two major types of door latches in the USA.

Final Note

Before reaching our article, you’re searching for how to remove door latch without screws. And here you’re. In this article, we did try to cover all the methods that can help you to remove the latch set from the door knob. The process is very simple and mostly the same for major types of door knobs.

After reading all these steps you’ll find the process very easy, we can assume already. But before that, kindly follow the safety measurements too. Because you’re following a DIY solution, they’re equally important as the necessary tools for the process.