How to Remove Lever Door Handle Schlage? Tips From Expert

Facing trouble with a lever door handle Schlage? But don’t know how to remove lever door handle Schlage. We’ve designed this article in a way that you’ll face no doubt further to face this kind of problem.

The removal process is quite simple and you can do it without fear and extra time.

All you need to do is reset the lock by turning the key in the outside handle 90°. 

How to remove lever handle schlage

Then insert a nail or pin from the inside end of the handle and push to pull off the handle removing both keys with the cylinder. Again from the inside part of the door pull the handle with a removal tool the work is done.

In the following section, you’ll find detailed information about each step to follow.

Remove Lever Door Handle Schlage: 2 Steps

Unique decorated door handles create an aesthetic vibe in the room—persons with a soft corner for tradition and culture mostly like this kind of home decoration. The lever door handle from Schlage takes ethnicity to the next level.

Step-by-step removing process of lever door handle schlage

In order to remove the lever door handle Schlage, you need to follow some easy steps. They’re: 

Outside Part

First, find the specific key for the lock and insert it into the handle from the outside end of the door and twist it at a 90° angle. This will enable the reset functionality of the lock. Again insert a nail or pin tool from the opposite end of the door with force. 

Inside Part 

Now pull off the handle at the same time and key from the handle barrel cylinder. Now pull handles from both sides of the door. Here you may need to insert a removal tool to push the handle from the inside end.

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How Do You Remove a Schlage Door Handle?

Removing then replacing a Schlage door handle is quite an easy step if you follow these:

  • Find 2 Philip screws holding inside housing there. Beneath the inside latch locate the handle screw. If it stays under a cover, then expose the screw with a screwdriver. 
  • Undo three screws from the handle and latch. Next, remove both sides of the handle. Pull out the levers from both inside and outside of the door.
  • Try to look at the latch mechanism through the open parts. Undo those 2 Philip head screws from the inside housings and carefully bring out the latch mechanism of the door.
  • At last, install a new handle following the same steps above. You can also repair the old handle and replace it. 

The steps may be simple but implement them carefully because there might be some tiny things gathered over time that can cause harm.

How Do You Remove an Exterior Lever Door Handle?

If you want o go the easy way then follow the next steps:

  • Grab a pin wrench, insert it into the hole, and push until you feel spring-like while holding the lever. While pushing into the lever side whole don’t push too soft or hard so that it fails.
  • When you feel the level coming loose slightly remove the pin and the lever. Then grab the rose and rotate counterclockwise with your hands. 
  • If the rose sides are irregular, try the strap-wrench to slide back and then pry off the rose with your bare hands instead of a screwdriver. 

And the lever removal is complete following 3 steps only. If you want to learn visually In case, you feel it necessary to remove a door knob that is stuck or don’t know how to remove door knob no screws no slot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Schlage?

Schlage is an American lock manufacturing company founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage. It is one of the most popular companies in the world and comes with a lot of variety. Besides consumer-level lock sets, they produce high-security keys and cylinders along with products like primus, Everest, etc.

Final Note

So far we did try to discuss the quick steps on how to remove lever door handle Schlage

Here you may have also learned what Schlage is and how it relates to today’s topic. Moreover alongside the steps discussed above always try to follow the lock’s manual if available. This can save you from probable damage. 

Last but not least, never compromise with safety measurements. Best wishes.