How to Install Surface Bolt on French Door? 4 Easy Steps to Follow

Some homes have French doors leading into patios, porches, or gardens. Although French doors are beautiful, they are not always the most practical choice, especially if you live in an area with cold, harsh winters. 

Instead of allowing cold drafts into your home, learn How to Install Surface Bolt on French Door.

How to Install Surface Bolt on French Door

The Surface Bolt is secured between two doors, preventing them from opening when locked.

Installing a surface bolt for french doors is easy, yet you’ll want to be careful not to damage the door. Once you remove the door from the frame, measure the length of the surface bolt you need to have the correct size.

How Do You Install a French Door Bolt?

Installing a French door bolt is a relatively simple task that can be completed in a few minutes. 

Installing a French Door Bolt.
  • First, determine the location of the door bolt on the door. 
  • Next, remove the door panel by unscrewing the screws that hold it. 
  • Finally, remove the door bolt by unscrewing it from the door and removing the screw holding it. Sometimes your door closer stops working. 
  • After that, install your French door bolt with a screwdriver.

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How Do You Secure French Doors?

French doors are often a focal point in any room. They can be used for ventilation or for letting in natural light. 

French doors are frequently the highlight of any room.
  • The first step in securing a French door is to make sure that the door is properly closed and locked. This can be done with a standard door handle or a deadbolt. 
  • Next, make sure that the hinges are correctly tightened. Your hinges can be jammed, and you should fix them. This will keep the door from opening quickly during a break-in. 
  • Finally, protect your French doors adequately. 

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The following video shows how much secure can a french door: 

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Frequently Asked Question

How do you replace a French door flush bolt?

Replacing a French door flush bolt can be tricky, but with some planning and essential tools, the job can be done relatively quickly. 

Before starting the job, remove any nails or screws holding the door flush to the frame. You’ll need to be able to move the door to complete the task freely. With the door open, locate the flush bolt and remove it with a Phillips head screwdriver.

What is a flush bolt?

Flush bolts are the most basic and, at the same time, most mysterious bolts on a door. On a front door, flush bolts can be found on either side of the door. On a door leading to an attic, flush bolts can be found on either side of the door.

Flush bolts are also called deadbolts. And these bolts ensure that the door cannot be opened outside or inside unless the key is inserted. Flush bolts come in many shapes, sizes, and lock patterns, so choosing the right flush bolt for your door is essential.

What is a cremone bolt?

Cremone bolt locks are old-fashioned cylinder locks, and while they’ve been phased out in favor of the more modern electronic keyless locks, they’re still in wide use. Some older buildings, especially those in the commercial sector, have cremone bolts on their exterior doors. 

Final Words

Woah! Now you know How to Install Surface Bolt on French Door. Even though I’ve described every step in detail, it could seem challenging at first, but soon you’ll succeed.

Surface Bolt is a magnetic door lock that is easy to install and operate. It enhances security by automatically locking your door when you leave. It also allows you to control access to your house at any time. One of the critical features of Surface Bolt is that it doesn’t require drilling. You must screw the lock into the door frame and follow the simple instructions to set it up.