Mortise Lock vs Deadbolt | Which One Is The Best For Security

There are a variety of locks on the marketplace to choose from when it comes to securing your households and family. There are several kinds of locks found: the mortice lock and the deadbolt are among them. Most people are acquainted with locking doorknobs. Security is a top priority for these devices.

Mortise Lock vs Deadbolt

In the Mortise Lock vs Deadbolt debate, things become a little trickier.

While Mortise locks provide more security, deadbolts are also very popular among homeowners. For new facility owners, it might be difficult to choose between the two. 

For your convenience, we have put together this quick reference to help you understand the fundamentals of mortise vs deadbolt locks.

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Mortise Lock

When it comes to protecting business properties, a mortise lock is an excellent choice. When compared to other locks on the market, this one is robust and solid and made to endure a long time.

Mortise Locks Are Great for Securing Company Property

Advantages of a Mortise Lock

  • Mortise locks provide a greater degree of security than other types of locks because of the several notches and levers that make up the mechanism.
  • Mortise locks come in a variety of sizes to meet a variety of security requirements.
  • Due to its dual lock design, mortise locks may be used to secure a door from both the inside and the outside.
  • Mortise locks are popular with those who want a lock that looks good and has a classic feel

Disadvantages of a Mortise Lock

  • Mortise locks are devoid of the automatic locking feature seen on the majority of other lock types.
  • The technician must build a mortise pocket to install this lock on the door.
  • Doors having a thickness of less than 35mm are incompatible.
  • Wooden doors will not provide the amount of security that has been promised.


Many houses have deadbolts as a standard security feature. In addition to a normal door lock, a deadbolt may be used as a stand-alone device. Mortise lock vs rim lock is also a great option.

Many Houses Have Deadbolts as a Standard Security Feature

For further security, a deadbolt may be installed above the door handle and either flung inwards or unlocked from the outside.

The latch is moved from the lock mechanism to the door frame when this knob is cranked.

Advantages of a Deadbolt

  • The deadbolt is stronger than spring locks because of this manufacturing technique.
  • It allows the bolt to stretch farther without losing its strength. 
  • The ANSI Grade 1 standard for a deadbolt lock can endure 10 hammer strikes without breaking!
  • A deadbolt lock’s bolt is neither rounded nor angled. Therefore it will not shut automatically. 

Disadvantages of Deadbolts

  • A deadbolt mechanism’s added security is also one of its drawbacks.
  • You will have to work harder to get away in an emergency.
  • Such a situation will not be an issue if you are not easily frightened.
  • If you live with children or elderly folks, you must teach them to open deadbolt locks in an emergency.

Mortise Lock vs Deadbolt


Mortise locks, as opposed to deadbolts, provide a higher level of security. They may be used in a variety of ways, such as a passage lock, a deadbolt, a privacy lock, and an entrance lock.

Mortise Lock vs Deadbolt

Installation Process

The installation of deadbolts is straightforward and just needs the cutting of two holes of the same diameter. Before installing a mortise lock, a mortise pocket must be drilled into the door.

Availability of Grades

In terms of security, you may pick between grades 1, 2, or 3 deadbolts based on your preferences, your demands, and your frequency of use. Mortise locks, on the other hand, do not permit such fine-tuning.


Mortise locks are more robust, secure, and versatile than deadbolts. Installation expenses are additional. Deadbolts are cheaper and more convenient for low-security situations.

Availability of Deadbolt

Mortise locks combine deadbolt and latch for improved security. Deadbolts do not include deadbolts. Therefore you must install one separately.

Application and Security Level

If you have hundreds of visitors every day and want more protection, add a mortise lock. It is stronger than a deadbolt and may last decades. Deadbolts do not provide enough security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a Mortise Lock More Secure Than a Deadbolt?

As a general rule, mortice locks are more secure and robust than drilled deadbolts. Though a Mortice Lock might initially impair the construction of a conventional wooden door, you can increase the security of your property by selecting a 5-lever Mortice Lock.

2. Are Mortise Locks Worth It?

Even if a mortise lock is pricey, it is worth it since it comes with a deadbolt, can be used for a long time, and is visually attractive.

Final Words

Coming to a conclusion, both mortise lock vs deadbolt are great door solutions. Depending on your level of security needs, facility type, budget, and door type, you can install any of the two locks and safeguard against potential risks and threats.

Now you know the difference between a mortise lock vs deadbolt and which one to choose. Pick the most reliable option for both your home and your place of business.