Door Closer Not Working – Should You Fix or Replace?

A lot of time door can act weird by not closing or being stuck in place. These kinds of issues arise when a part like a door closer need either a replacement or a fix immediately.

As the procedure is pretty simple to fix door closer not working problems, you might need a few gears during the procedure. So, let’s get into the procedure of fixing the door closer.  

Door Closer Not Working

How To Repair the Door Closer Not Working Troubles? 

Having a door closer suddenly goes weird when you try to mode it from one side to another. It needs immediate adjustment to troubleshoot door closer no matter what it’s suffering from. Match the problem type and fix it by following the given steps.

Problem 1: Door Closer Hard To Open.

Sometimes the door closer not opening all the way is due to the issue with the valve. To troubleshoot it, follow the given directions. 

  • Take out the cover of the door closer. 
  • Locate the valves inside. 
  • Turn the backcheck to 1.25 to 1.50 turns in a counterclockwise position meaning to the left side using a small wrench or screwdriver.  
  • Open the door in a stable but hard stop. 
  • Check the angle when the door starts to slow down which needed to be around 75°. Done!

Problem 2: Door Closer Slam A Lot.

The door closer can slam roughly due to the wrong adjustment or lacking lube. If it’s about lubrication, just use a brush and dip it on the door closer nuts and frame. Does it solve the slam issue? If not, here’s how to fix door closer slamming

Tools Needed:

  1. Pocket hex key.
  2. Pozidriv screwdriver.


  • Open the cover and reach the sweep to 1.5 to 2 turns on the left side. Be sure the door is flowing at 5° to 15°. This will help the door to reduce the closing speed. 
  • Now, adjust the latching speed by twisting the nut next to sweep to 1.5 to 2 turns in counterclockwise. If this helps the door to slam smoothly without catching the wind, then it’s good to go. 
  • If it doesn’t help solve the slamming issue, then increase the latching speed by twisting the nut to the right side around 3 turns.
  • Still, having the same trouble? Then it’s time to move on and replace the old ones with the best commercial door closer.

Problem 3: Door Closer Don’t Close

A lot of folks find the door hard to close no matter how much you push or pull. In order to learn how do you fix a door closer that won’t close, here’s the procedure.

  • Look at the corners of door closers without removing the cover. 
  • Then, grab a pocket hex key which is pretty stable and capable for the purpose like the MulWark 17pcs Hex Key Set
  • With it, turn the adjustable screws for up to 1/8 twist on the right or left side. Keep in mind the turn on the left will slow the door closer and twisting on the right will increase the speed. 
  • After setting the door closer’s adjustment screws, you need to open and close the door several times. I would suggest doing it 10 times at least to see whether the door closes and opens smoothly.
  • If still showing the same issue, you need to again use the hex key on adjustment screws then again open and close the door 10 times. 

Problem 4: Door Closer Get Stuck 

If your door closer gets stuck and doesn’t move in any direction, then it literally needs a lot of lubrication to work properly. Let me give you the procedure:

  • Take strong lubrication which performs great against rust like KROIL Original Penetrating Oil.
  • Attach sprayer on the penetrating oil and spray on the door closer. Be sure it is reaching all the tiny and hidden part on the exterior side that moves. Do not use the penetrating oil inside the closer cover.
  • After that, move the door 5 – 6 times. It should move smoothly.
  • In case it is still stuck, then spray on the nuts and screws to moisture them.

Wrapping Up

Woah! The door closer not working trouble is finally gone. It might seem difficult to try at first even though I have mentioned all the steps in a detailed way but eventually, you’ll do great.

And if you need, call for expert help after preparing the $300 to $1,100 charge to change the door closer. Hope this guide helped you solve the issues and be sure to try them in real life. Good Luck!