Best Commercial Door Closer Reviews – Top 5 Latest Picks

If you are having a meeting or sitting in your office for work, the most annoying thing is to tell people to close your door repeatedly, right?

What if you had a door that could close on its own? A commercial door closer can help you do that.

However, there are various factors to consider while you’re buying door closers.

After so many days of research, finally, I found the 5 best commercial door closer for you. These door closers are easy to close, not risky at all, come with various options and so on! Moreover, you will be getting higher durability as a bonus!

It sounds too good to be true but these closers actually do exist. So now I’m going to introduce you to them. If you want to find out more, let’s get into the details with me!

Best Commercial Door Closer Reviews

5 Best Commercial Door Closer Reviews

Here are the top 5 best commercial door closers that I have discovered from hundreds of products and thousands of customers’ reviews. If you pick from this list, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

1. Door Closer FS-1306

Door Closer FS-1306

This one’s an automatic adjustable closer with a grade 3 spring feature. In addition to that, it has a high-quality aluminum housing as well!

This hydraulic door closer is built with quality materials which will provide you with utmost security and reliability. Plus, it offers enough smoothness to help your door preventing slamming while you are working.

Let’s talk about the valves of this amazing door closer. There are two independent valves. With them, you can adjust the sweep motion and the catch closing mechanism easily.

It will help you to set the opening force and closing speed of your door even if the area is windy. For this reason, it’s called the best commercial door closer for high wind.

You will be happy to know that the closer comes with everything you need in one box like the 6 wood or metal screws, connecting arm, end cap and arm nut. What else be needed right?

However, the installation process is super simple. Each hydraulic door closers come with a detailed guideline that includes a fitting template. It will save your time and give you a trip to the general contractor as well.

  • Pros
  • Works great with wood and metal doors
  • The seamless design comes from high-quality material
  • Is fully adjustable to the commercial doors
  • The installation process is very simple and easy
  • Cons
  • The mounting screws can be improved

2. Dynasty Hardware 4401

Dynasty Hardware 4401

Some door closers are compatible with every type of door out there. Dynasty Hardware is one of them. Their 4401 aluminum door closer is designed with regular arm, top-jamb or parallel installation. So, if you ever wished for this kind of closer then look no further. Let me tell you why!

This heavy-duty door closer is barrier-free to encompass all levels of ANSI classification and UL requirements which is secure for the commercial usage.

Another amazing thing about this door closer is it has two adjustment valves. One valve adjusts the closing speed and another one is used for latching speed. Also the Allen wrench is included for adjusting the door however you want.

In addition, it has a back-check valve which controls the amount of resistance to open a door past a selected point. It means this feature controls how far the door can be opened to protect your walls.

This is also named as one of the best door closer for high wind as the valve slows down the door open when there is wind. How great is that!

Furthermore, Dynasty Hardware door closer has an easy installation procedure. It includes a parallel arm bracket and all fasteners so that you can install the closer without any hassle.

  • Pros
  • Has a barrier free UL requirements for safe usage
  • The back-check valve controls the amount of resistance
  • Will protect the door from the high windy situation
  • Adjustable closing and latching speed is available for smoothness
  • Cons
  • Instruction template can be more clear and straight forward

3. Dynasty Hardware 1636

Dynasty Hardware 1636

As you already know that the Dynasty Hardware brand is great for door closers, this one comes with the upgraded version. It’s an excellent quality closer for almost every type of door you have. Also, the non-handed regular arm, top-jamb or parallel installation is a bonus here!

This door closer is adjustable for size 3 to 6 that means it will be compatible with any type of door you have.

The great thing about this door is it comes with everything you need for the installation process. For example, it comes tri packed with wood screws, metal screws and thru-bolts for your fire-rated door. You can adjust the screws as they require and get an awesome service for a long time.

However, it has two adjustable valves. The first one adjusts the latching speed and the second one adjusts the closing speed. Your door can be adjusted in whatever position you want it to be and reduces the risk of getting into trouble.

Let’s talk about the standard back-check function of this door closer. It selects how far your door can be opened so your walls can be protected from door slams.

Moreover, the door closer is designed to comply with all levels of ANSI classification, grades 1, 2 and 3 and the UL requirements. It will surely be a great deal if you purchase this one for your doors!

  • Pros
  • Is UL listed for fire door assemblies
  • The standard back-check function reduces risks
  • Regular arm and top-jamb is great for easy installation
  • Is made of high-quality aluminum and is very well built
  • Cons
  • The holes for the PA plate can be tricky

4. LYNN Hardware DC9016

LYNN Hardware DC9016

Thanks to Lynn Hardware for making the entrance more storefront. This one is a perfect solution for regular foot traffic, heavy abuse areas and extreme temperature entrance. Also, the exits for office buildings, schools and other public places can use this closer flawlessly!

The greatest thing about this door closer is that it has 4 amazing adjustable valves. They are for the latch, sweep, back-check and delayed action. These valves will help you to use the closer more smoothly and reliably.

It also comes in multiple colors which will surely blow your mind. You can select one color that matches your entire decor and door. They are available in dark bronze, painted brass, aluminum and matte black.

You will be glad to know the material of this door closer. It has a grade 1 extra heavy-duty iron material. Also, the steel arm and powder-coated finished body will give you corrosion resistance any day!

And yes, the installation process is also smooth like butter here. You will get the whole instruction template and guideline with the product so that no trouble can be caused.

  • Pros
  • The material is of top-notch quality and it provides powder coated body
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple color options are available
  • Four amazing adjustable valves are included for smoother service
  • Cons
  • The painted plastic cover quality could be better

5. LYNN Hardware DC8016

LYNN Hardware DC8016

Are you looking for a door closer to enjoy automatic closing and latching without making any noise? Then you are at the right place! Lynn Hardware is offering their Dc8016 commercial door closer with these benefits so you can take the advantage right now!

Let me tell you why this door closer is great for the schools, factories, restaurants or even your office. It’s because the door closer can take up to 330 pounds of weight and it’s perfect for high traffic entrances.

The grade 1 heavy-duty aluminum support is here for your long-term usage and strength. Also, the powder-coated finish body ensures corrosion resistance.

In addition, you will get the heat-treated piston so it won’t get damaged by the extreme heat!

You will be happy to know that the closer comes with the wood screws to enable installation and multiple applications. You will get straightforward instructions and templates to adjust the screws. You can surely fit it without any trouble for sure.

Lastly, you will get amazing options for colors. There are matte black, bronze, painted brass and aluminum color, whichever matches with your door you can purchase that one!

  • Pros
  • Comes with lots of adjustment options for a great fitting
  • Works perfectly for high traffic entrances
  • Has several color options
  • Aluminum body and steel arm offers long term usage
  • Cons
  • Seems a bit expensive compared to what it offers

Things to Look for in a Commercial Door Closer- Buying Guide

If you are trying to get the best commercial door closer for you, you should get one with the best quality, right? So before you buy one, consider the following factors,

Size and Weight of the Door

The door closer depends on the size and weight of your door. They are always assigned numbers from 1-6. The 6th one can handle the heaviest door and it’s the most powerful one.

Depending on your door size and weight, you can decide on how sturdy door closer you need. If you buy the wrong one, it will be difficult for the visitors to open and it can also break your door.


Make sure to check the material of your door and the door closer you are going to purchase. If your door material is made of wood or heavy aluminum then you might need the powerful closer in the market.

Traffic Requirements

The most important thing is to decide on the number of visitors you are going to see on daily basis. If you are thinking of a restaurant or school, the closer has to be of very heavy duty to take the pressure. The wrong choice can lead you to additional expenses! It will be time-consuming and frustrating at the same time.

Fire Rating

You should look for the fire rating on your door closer. If you are going to use it in commercial equipment, this is much important.


You already know that back-check is there to limit the swing of the door. All closers on exteriors need to have a back check to reduce risks. Your wall, cabinet or other property can be damaged by the swinging of your door. So it’s necessary to check the door closer which has perfect back check.


Choose the door closer which is affordable, durable, easy to install and fix. Sometimes high-rated products can be the same as the less priced door closers. It just has to be compatible with your door and it will be great to use!

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FAQs About Commercial Door Closer

1. What is a Commercial Door Closer?

A commercial door closer is a mechanical device that is designed to work automatically to close the doors. It does the work slowly but firmly enough to latch. Usually, every door in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings has door closers. It keeps the door protected and under control all the time. However, a door closer is also installed to prevent draughts and to save the door from windy situations.

2. How Do I Choose a Door Closer?

Well, your door closer should be compatible with your door size and weight. The heavier the door is, the larger the spring of the closer must be. The large spring is needed to control your door. You should always choose a suitable size otherwise the closer may break.

3. What should I Do If My Door is Hard to Open with The Door Closer?

In this case, you can turn the adjustment screw clockwise so that the door slows down and then do it anti-clockwise to speed it up. That’s how you fix it. Also you can consult the customer service team so that you don’t get other problems in your door.

4. What is Meant By Tri-Packed Door Closer?

So, a tri-packed door closer comes with all the hardware you need for your proper and smooth service. For example, it comes with a regular arm, parallel arm and top jamb. These three are together called tri-packed closer.

5. What is Sweep Speed Control?

A sweep speed control is a speed taken for the door to move. If your door is closing too slowly or quickly, the door closers’ sweep speed can easily adjust that with a normal and adjustable pace. This can be useful to the hospitals and malls where you need to adjust the speed of the door for trolleys and wheelchairs.


I believe it will be easy for you to choose the best commercial door closer now that you’ve read our review guide.

If you’re confused regarding which one to choose, you can go for FORTSTRONG Door Closer FS 1306. It will ensure all the advanced features and offer you great value for money which can be a jackpot!

Furthermore, you can look into Dynasty Hardware ones for professional use. They have great adjustable features and a hassle-free installation process for your regular usage. Moreover, these products don’t even cost that much!

No matter which one you choose from here, you will get the best service ever that is guaranteed.