How to Shim a Larson Storm Door? Do It with 5 Easiest Steps

If you are facing a storm door roughly closing issues on your Larson storm door, then you need to know how to shim a Larson storm door. It’s a common skill if you are planning to install a new storm door or apply shims on your Prehung storm door. 

Shim Your Larson Storm Door Just in 5 Steps

When you install a storm door it’s common to have a gap during rough framing. This causes the door jamb not to work properly. You need to put shims on the frame in that situation to reduce it. It will help the frame to level and plumb for perfect closing. 

By following steps like removing the door from the frame, putting shims, adjusting to level the plumb and put back the door again in the frame you can easily shim your door. Follow the full step-by-step guide to complete the process easily. 

How to Shim a Larson Storm Door in 5 Steps?  

How do you shim a door frame? Is it a time consuming task? Well it can take some time to finish. But following these 5 steps you can finish it as a DIY project.   

How to Shim a Larson Storm Door in 5 Steps

Remove the Storm Door From the Frame

You need to pull out the prehung door from the frame. Use a nail set along with a hammer to remove the hinge screws. Place the frame around where you want the door positioned inside the rough opening. 

Ensure the head jamb and side jambs are in the even position. So that you can get a suitable position for molding on it. 

Check out the full process in the video: 

Find Out Where to Place the Shims

You may need to place multiple shims on your storm door. You can be confused where to shim a larson storm door? In most cases, you need to put shims on the bottom, sides, and top. First, add the side shims to keep the frame in the right position. Check the frame by adding shims where it holds the door exactly. 

Make sure to keep enough tension while you put them on the frame. Also, the door needs to be plumb into the frame. Between the rough framing above the doorway and the top of the door frame, add shims thin end first horizontally.

Product Recommendation: 

You can use wooden or plastic shims for your storm door. Due to the price affordability and positive rating  we recommend you to use Prime-Line MP5100 Shim for your Larson storm door. 

Ensure That the Shims Are Level and Plumb

Ensure That the Shims Are Level and Plumb

You need to check the frame as it is aligned during the opening. Also, check the interior and jamb edge in case you need adjustment there. Be sure the jambs of the doors are flush with the rough framing so that the storm door trim can be mounted

Install Screws to Hold the Shims in Position

Shims should be placed securely in the position. Therefore you need to add them by drilling screws on the door jamb

If there are gaps in rough framing it won’t work properly. Remember not to over-tighten the shim screws. It can damage your storm door frame alignment. Now cut the extra edge of the shim that is coming out of the frame. 

Product Recommendation: 

In case you are looking for a head jamb closer we recommend you to use a quality full Light Duty Pneumatic Head Jamb Screen and Storm Door Closer for you. 

Put Back Your Larson Storm Door and Trim 

Put Back Your Larson Storm Door and Trim

Now you need to put back your storm door in the frame by attaching the trim around the door frame. Make sure to cover the gap around the door jamb. In case you are installing a new storm door you need a chop or miter saw for trimming. 

As long as the trim is done, put the storm door back in the frame by sliding the hinge screws back in the position. Lastly, test the door if it’s closing smoothly without any trouble with the door jamb. 

Additionally, you might face larson storm door installation problems and wanna know how to solve them. 

Final Thoughts

Shimming a storm door is a tough task. You can do it by yourself with DIY by following our ‘how to shim a Larson storm door‘ guideline. By shimming your storm door you can easily get rid of the rough opening and closing doors. 

Remember that doing these shimming door processes can require additional support. Therefore you need to get extra hand support to complete the process. Finally, you will get a smooth and perfect closing shimmed storm door.