8 Installation Problems of Larson Storm Door | DIY Pro Installation Tips

Are you struggling with your newly installed Larson storm door? If you know the common Larson storm door installation problems then you can solve them with DIY. 

8 Installation Problems of Larson Storm Door _ Installation Tips

Larson storm doors are getting popular. But you can have installation problems like door speed, unstable movement, bumping into the closer, frame sagging, loosely attached closer, slamming, frozen lock, and so on.

Keep reading to solve all these common installation issues without any hassle. Also, know the pro tips for easy installation of your storm door. 

8 Installation Problems of Larson Storm Door & Fixing Them

Larson storm doors often come out with some common drawbacks. Then you might think how do you adjust a Larson storm door? Don’t worry! In most cases, these are not critical issues. With proper DIY knowledge, you can fix the installation problem. Here are some common issues with fixing tips. 

8 Storm Door Installation Problems _ Fixing

Storm Door Closing Speed Issue 

You may find out that your storm door’s closing speed is not adjusted properly. It’s annoying you by closing too fast or too slow.  

Just unhook one of the closers to adjust the speed. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to make the closing speed slow. Rotate anticlockwise if you need to increase the speed. 

Unstable Door Opening or Closing Issue

Another common installation problem you can notice is the door opening issue. 

You need to move the hold open washer near to closing. At the time of closing, you need to move the washer close to the jamb bracket. Sometimes pushing a bit with more pressure easily holds the door open.

Door Closer Bumping Against the Entry Door Issue

You can easily fix this by sliding the closet near the storm door. If it still occurs, you may need to install shims to solve the problem. Then it reduces the bumping to the entry door. 

If you want to shim a storm door, you might go through our guide on “how to shim an Andersen storm door?”  

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Door Frame Sagging Issue

Due to the wrong installation process, you may notice the storm door frame sagging issue. It can obstruct the door from perfect closing.

You only need to do one thing to the door frame: tighten the screws. Add some additional screws if required. Thus can solve the problem immediately. If there is a gap between the frame and jamb, try a shim to reduce it.  

Storm Door Frame Expanding Problem 

In some cases, you may notice the frame expanding problem after the installation. It can cause obstacles to the door opening and closing. 

Find out where the storm door touches a point on the frame. Make the part on the frame smooth so that it causes no obstacles during the door movement.  

Door Closer Loosely Attached Issue

Your storm door can make an annoying sound on the door movement. It can be a popping sound while opening or closing. 

Check the bracket of the door closer. If it is loosely attached to the closer, then tighten it properly. Loosely attached closer to the bracket cause this issue. For tightening you may need to use larger diameter screws. 

Storm Door Slamming Issue

Another common installation problem is the slamming door issue. As a result, it slams shut the door frequently. 

To solve this, you need to change the closer position. Put it in different holes to find out the right position. Keeping it in the right position solves the slamming issue. 

Storm Door Frozen Lock Issue 

Another big issue on your Larson storm door is a frozen lock. It can cause freezing or dirt during your installation process. 

You can easily solve this by greasing the hinge. Keep a proper maintenance process of your storm door. Maintain the hinges by oiling them periodically. This will prevent the storm door lock from getting stuck. 

4 Pro Tips for Larson Storm Door Installation

 4 Pro Tips for Larson Storm Door Installation

Measure the Door Frame and Find Out the Liking Direction

Most people get confused when deciding to choose the right direction. Remember that the storm door is an outside door. Therefore it needed to be swung outward. 

Then determine the door frame measurement. Based on that choose suitable handles and locks for your storm door. As it’s an entry door, you must place the handle on both sides. 

Attach the Rain Cap and Hinge Size Z Bar 

Attach the rain cap and the drip cap to your storm door frame. You need to attach it by tightening the screws. 

Then install the hinge side Z bar. You need to determine the height of the door opening. For that measure the distance between the underside of the rain cap and the top of the sill. 

Hang The Storm Door in the Third Step 

Hang The Storm Door

Now you need to hang the storm door on the position. Close the door and push the hinge side tightly against the jamb, with the top of the hinge-side Z-bar about a quarter-inch above the drip cap. Ensure that the door is plumb and level, and adjust if necessary. 

You may want to know how long does it take to hang a Larson storm door? Following the proper steps, you can hang a Larson storm door within a couple of hours.

Attach the Door Hardware 

Finally, you need to attach the additional hardware that comes along with the door. Attach the door handle, lockset, and closer. Additionally, know if the sliding screen door won’t fit on your storm door. 

The following video is on the common storm door problem and solutions.

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Storm doors are a great support to your front door. It protects your front door from the ultraviolet rays and critical weather conditions. It also provides exterior beauty to your house. Knowing the installation problems of Larsen storm door will help you to avoid these issues in the future. Therefore you should maintain it in a periodical gap so that it can extend your front door lifespan.