What is Push To Open Door Hinge- Everything We Need To Know!

While building a new home or renovating an existing one- homemakers or renovators likely come across push to open door hinges. But what is push to open door hinge?

As the name suggests, these hinges are designed to allow the door to open in either direction by pushing it, instead of pulling it. This is very convenient and it makes the access to the space behind the door easy- especially if there is limited mobility in someone’s arms or hands, or they are carrying something at the time. Sounds practical, right? 

How To Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

So, how do they work? When should we use them?

Here’s everything we need to know about push-to-open door hinges.

What Is Push To Open Door Hinge?

So, what is a push to open door? As stated earlier, the push to open door hinge allows the door to open in either direction only by pushing. 

They have a spring-loaded latch that enables us to open doors without touching them. They are mainly used for cleanrooms and situations where there’s a high risk of contamination, such as hospitals or laboratories.

1. Advantages of Push-Open Door Hinges

Are push to open doors good? Well, yes. One of their advantages is they are easy to use. They also fit in many different types of doors, including sliding and bifold doors. You can adjust them easily with simple screws. 

In addition, if you have old hinges that need replacing, or you want a modern style for your home, then you can choose from different styles and colors. Check out many online stores for more information about these hinges.

Push-open door hinges are usually less squeaky than traditional ones. In case you are stuck with the problem this is how to fix squeaky door hinges.

2. Disadvantages of Push-Open Door Hinges 

Push-open hinges are a less common option, and they have some drawbacks. The first of these is that- they tend to be more expensive than other types of hinges. 

They’re also heavier and bulkier, which can affect your overall design. You may need thicker materials or more space on either side of your door for them to work correctly.

How Does A Push Open Hinge Work?

Perhaps you are wondering- how does a push to open hinge work? a push open hinge works exactly like how it sounds- it opens when you gently push it. It’s called a push-open hinge because it doesn’t require any extra effort or force to operate. These hinges are typically used in cabinet doors, but they can also be found in drawers and gates. 

Push open hinges open when pushed

An indispensable part of the push-open door hinge is push to open door mechanism. This mechanism enables the push to open and allows the door to properly close.    If you have ever had trouble opening a drawer, good chances are it was equipped with one of a push to open mechanism! 

This type of mechanism is best suited for cabinets. You can use this push to open kitchen cabinets for a smart-looking kitchen.

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Also, for a quieter experience, there are push to open soft close hinges. These particular hinges enhance your experience by ensuring a very gentle closure of your door no matter how fiercely it has been closed.

Here are some best soft close cabinet hinges for you. 

How Do You Install A Push Open Hinge?

Let us see a brief step-by-step installation process for a push-open hinge-

4 Steps To Install A Push Open Hinge

Step 1: Align The Hinge Plate And Take Measurement 

First, you need to take your hinge plate and place it on your door so that it is in the right spot. You should make sure that it lines up with the body or where you want your hinges to go. Make sure that you are also aligning both sides of the hinge, not just one side of it. 

This will ensure that your door looks alright even when they’re opened. If you don’t align them correctly- there will be a gap between them when they’re opened or closed. And nobody wants that! 

Also, when you are measuring alignment for magnetic push to open latch, make sure the lock and magnet latch align perfectly. Otherwise, they won’t lock properly after installation.  

Step 2: Mark The Hole Placement 

Once you have aligned your hinge plate, you can start marking out where each hole needs to be drilled. This will depend on what type of hinge you are using and how many holes it has. If you’re not sure, just look at your instructions, or ask someone who knows about these things! 

You should also make sure that there is enough space between each hole so that they don’t overlap when they are in place. It might seem like a small detail, but it could make all of the difference.

Step 3: Drill Your Holes 

Once you have marked out where each hole goes, it’s time to drill them. This might seem like an easy step, but if you don’t do it correctly- your hinges won’t fit in place when they are done. That could be very bad for your doors! 

Make sure that you use a drill bit that has a slightly smaller head than your screws so that there isn’t any damage or cracking. You can also look up some online tutorials on how to drill holes properly or ask an expert for more help.

Step 4: Install The Hinge

Now that you have drilled all of your holes, it’s time to install your push to hinges. Take one of your hinges and line it up with one of your holes. Then, put a screw through it so that it will stay in place. 

Also, make sure to attach push to open door latch in the right position so that the gap is not too big or too small between the door and the frame.

Repeat these steps with each hole until all of your hinges are installed.

You’re done!

Final Words 

Door hinges are available in different styles and configurations to accommodate virtually any home or business need. There are various types of push door hinges available on the market that are suited for different applications.

Hope this article was informative for you before purchasing a new push-open door hinge. Now you know what you’re looking for and how to properly install your new push to open cabinet hardware.