8 Easy Steps on How to Install Push Bar on Door

Push bar or panic hardware on doors is used for easy access to leave in emergencies. They are built slightly differently to allow keyless functionality. So, curious to know how to install push bar on door? I will provide you with easy step-by-step guidelines. 

Easy guide on how to install push bar on door

In a nutshell, you will have to adjust the bar with the door with the help of screws and some tools–a screwdriver, jig, drill machine, and one good quality push bar. 

Install the push bar on the door by following these steps: Remove the broken push bar, instill the handle lever, mount the exit trim, adjust the push bar, mount the end cap, install the cover plate, mount the push bar head and then replace the strike plate.

How do Door Push Bars Work?

Given that push bars enable keyless door opening, you might be curious as to how they function. 

Open door just by pushing the bar

The body of a push bar consists of a mounting bar, push bar, pivot plate, stop plate, and two end caps. Altogether they optimize a push-styled and hassle-free opening.  That is only by pushing the bar you are able to open the door. 

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Step-by-Step Method on How to Install Push Bar on Door 

 Push bar installation process on door

Following these steps you can easily install a push bar on the door:

Remove the Broken Push Bar

If you are using a push bar that’s old or out of order, you need to carefully remove the screws to install a new one. You can do it with the help of a screwdriver. 

Instill the Handle Lever 

Check if the door has enough holes for inserting the door handle posts. If not, you have to drill new holes. You can take the help of a jig to carefully point out the holes and then drill it properly. Then instill the door handle.

You might want to check the guide on how to repair screw holes in hollow door for further learning purposes. 

Mount the Exit Trim

The bar is mounted on the exterior trim. So in this step, you will first need to fix the exterior trim of the push bar to the door. 

Adjust it to the place where the bar handle sits and screw it in. Make sure it is not too tight to function properly. 

Adjust the Push Bar

Make sure the middle post coming out of the exterior trim is adjusted with the screw of the bar like in the image below.

The next thing to do is screwing in all the screws in their holes including the lever posts. Once you have done this part, you are left with installing the end cap. Which makes sure the bar is flushed against the door firmly.

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 Mount the End Cap

The end cap is the hardware you attach to the end of the push bar. First, make holes for installing the stopper and screw it in the door. Once settled, screw on the end cap. And you are almost done with the bar installation.

 Install the Cover Plate

Now, place the cover plate where the latch would otherwise sit normally. Now you can drill in the screws to keep the cover plate fixated.

Mount the Push Bar Head

The last thing in the installation process is mounting the push bar head. Simply press the head on the starting point of the push bar and screw it in the bar.

Replace the Strike Plate

Now all you are left with is replacing the strike plate used for the door to latch. Take out the screws from the old strike plate to remove it. And screw in the latch plate designated for a push bar. 

And that is all. You have successfully lodged a push bar on a door.

You can also watch a tutorial to get the live demonstration on how to install push bar on door.


What are the Push Bars on Doors Called?

Push bars on doors are addressed in different names, such as crash bar, panic bar, and panic exit device. These sorts of devices are primarily made for emergencies.

Can You Lock a Push Bar Door?

You can lock a push bar door by pushing down the bar a little and rotating the key clockwise.

To understand the process better you can watch a tutorial.

Final Words

Push bars are a creative solution to ensure access to quick safety in cases of emergency. You do not need to be equipped with a key all the time.

They are mostly used in the fire exit doors of a building. This article sheds light on how to install push bar on door.