The Exact Ways on How to Install Bifold Doors Without Bottom Track? 4 Pro Tips

So you wanted to install bifold doors without a bottom track for a new experience. But do you know how to install bifold doors without bottom track?

Installing bifold doors without a bottom track is just a combination of a few steps. First, mounting the hinges, then tracker setup, door placement, and finally door pull setting with a case matching color coat. 

 How to install bifold doors without bottom track

We can assure you that, it’s not as tough as it seems. In the following section, we’ll explain all the steps along with some suggestions. 

Do All Bifold Doors Need Bottom Track?

Frankly, to say, there’s no technical reason to install a bottom track for all bifold doors. Internal bi-fold doors and wood or plastic-made bifold doors need a bottom track.

Do all bifold doors need bottom track

Why Are Bottom Tracks Used?

These kinds of tracks are used on metal external bifold doors. And the reasons behind this are

  • Increase in weight.
  • Body size.
  • Reduction in handling labor.

The bottom tracks also provide guidance when the doors are opened and retracted. Moreover, it can save you from weather trouble.

How to Install Bifold Doors Without Bottom Track? The Easy Way

Heavy bifold doors with sturdy tracks move quite easily. You can operate it just by a little push and everything inside are open for you. But to get this kind of facility you have to spend a bit more labor along with time and money. Before you go for installation you have to take a look at the chart below.

Drill Machine1 Set
Screwdriver Set1 Unit
Hacksaw1 Unit
Handsaw1 Unit
Combination Square (Skale)1 Unit
Flexible Bit Extender1 Unit
Plumb Bob1 Unit

And all together you may have to spend more or less 4 hours with intermediate experience. The whole task can cost you around $400-800 which may fluctuate over time.

Product Recommendation

We have some product choices like a hacksaw, handsaw, drill machine set, and combination square, that you may like using.

The Installation Process

Now, we’re going to finish the job with 4 steps, and don’t worry about the time we described above, rather follow the steps accordingly.

Installation process of bifold doors

Mounting Hinges

First, grab the lower half hinge to align at the bottom mark facing the knuckle’s back and flush towards the edge. Drill pilot holes and screw on the hinge plate. You can attach the rest of the hinges similarly.

Next, place the inner door on the edge in a way that the first door remains back to back with it. Afterward, align the doors accordingly and screw on the hinge plates assembling with the upper part. 

Tracker Setup

Relax, it’s not the bottom tracker that we’re avoiding.  We’ll set this on top. Before that, make the pivot plates tight with the locking arm to the top-bottom part of the doors. Here you have to place the locking arm on top of leading doors, again the pivot plates on the top-bottom of the jamb-side door.  

Now cut the track by the opening length of the closet with a hacksaw. Then slide the hanging part into the track and track hanger wheels around them and lastly the pivot socket on the outside. Now attach the track with door header positioning 1.0” from the front edge.

Door Placement

First, lift the jamb-side door to hook the pivot pin with the pivot socket, and push the lever to lock it in place. Next, slot the pint into the locking arm (leading door) and twist to lock. Then swing the door forward to adjust the floor bracket with a pivot pin and backward and mark the place. 

Screw the bracket with a bit extender attached drill machine. Now hang the other door set and then close both to adjust with the track. If everything works fine then grab a wrench and set the pivot sockets permanently. 


This is the last phase. Now, close the doors and attach door aligners between the doors 6 inches up. Set it from inside and it’ll help in closing the door perfectly. Once again check the alignment from the outside and adjust where necessary. 

Lastly, install a door pull. For both flat and paneled doors measure then mark the center. Now drill holes on each mark to screw up the door pulls. Cut a 1×2 stock at the track’s width, drill holes on the header through trim, and then screw up the holes. 

Now add a color coat matching the case, and if it gets stuck cabinet issues after painting can help you out.   

In case you want to know how to clean mold from sliding glass doors, you can follow the guide. 

Wrapping Up:

As of now, we have learned how to install bifold doors without bottom track. The process is simple as there are no bindings on the usage of the bottom track. Just follow the instructions from above and find the work done within a few hours.