Sliding Screen Door Won’t Fit? Fix with 4 DIY Steps

If the sliding screen door won’t fit anymore then it can be a great hassle, right? But surprisingly you can fix it simply by following 4 easy steps only. 

Sliding Screen Door Won't Fit Fix with 4 DIY Steps

Over time, your sliding screen door can cause fit or fixing issues like track and wheel or rail problems. But you can remove the door from the track to work on it. You need to clean the bottom track and adjust the alignment. You can replace the wheels if they don’t fit on the track anymore. 

Read out 4 easy step-by-step guidelines to solve the fitting issues.

Fix Your Sliding Screen Door Won’t Fit in 4 Steps  

Fixing your sliding screen is very easy. You can fix it with a DIY project. Here we will explain 4 simple steps to fix your sliding screen door fitting. With these easy steps, you can easily get rid of the problem. So follow these simple methods for your fixing DIY project. 

 Fix Your Sliding Screen Door Fitting in 4 Steps

Start With Removing the Door From the Track 

To fix your sliding screen door, you must first remove it from the track. Because dealing with sliding screen doors can be tough while it’s on track. Find out both adjustment screws at the bottom of the frame. 

Loose the screws with a screwdriver. Remember to turn the screwdriver anti-clockwise. Otherwise, you will tighten the screws rather than loosen them. 

Use a flathead screwdriver for the process. It will make the process easier. Take out the wheel from the door frame. 

After that, you can now easily lift out the full door from the track. First, pull out the bottom edge of the door. Then pull down to remove the upper part from the track. Keep the door on a flat surface to work on it. 

Make Sure to Clean the Bottom Track of the Door 

Most of the time unstable sliding happens due to the dirt and debris on the door track. You need to check out the track and clean it properly. 

Commonly, your screen door track gets stuck by the dust, hair, and other common debris over time. It can make the track hard to slide. 

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your sliding door track. You can also clean it with homemade cleaning solutions like detergent water, and soap water. 

Adjust the Top and Bottom Tracks Alignment

How Do You Fix the Gap on a Sliding Screen Door

How do you fix the gap on a sliding screen door if there is a gap? It happens due to the track alignment. You can do it easily by adjusting the bottom screws under the cover. Check your screen door tracks carefully. 

If the straight alignment is not in the right position, then fix the alignment. Most unusual movement is caused due to the top or bottom tracks bending. Dents can be misplaced and cause additional issues on the track.  

Find and fix these types of issues. Keep the alignment straight of the top and bottom track. You may need to bend them carefully for proper alignment. Sometimes using a wooden block can keep the track position in line. You can also use a hammer for bending. But mind not to make any damage to the track nor the door. 

Fix or Replace the Sliding Door Wheels 

You may wonder, Why does my screen door keep coming off the track? It can be caused due to the wheels coming out from the track. For this, you need to check them carefully since it is causing the issue on the door. 

You can easily remove the wheels from the door by loosening the screws with a flathead screwdriver. Fix them up if those are worth for reuse. Otherwise, replace them with new ones. 

If you want to replace it with a new one, try buying a matching pair. Make sure the wheel moves smoothly before attaching it to the frame.

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How Do You Adjust Screen Door Size?

How do you adjust the screen door size? Well, you may need to adjust the screen door size based on your installing position. Sometimes you need to cut a bit or add an extension to adjust the height for installation. 

How To Fix the Sliding Screen Door Size

For adjusting you need to remove the door from the track. Then put it over a smooth surface so that you can work on it. Then remove the screen of the door. After that remove the door frame by loosening the screws from the top part. 

Then adjust the frame where you require it based on your measurement. Cut the frame with a miter saw if you need to trim a bit. Make sure to measure it twice unless you trim carelessly.  

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You can easily drill out holes on the frame and set the extender with additional screws on it to extend the height. If you are struggling with your Larson storm door installation problems, find out the solution here. 

Final Note

Sliding screen doors are a bit more essential for your home. It provides some extra advantage over a regular block sliding door. Therefore you can easily put a sliding door in your room. However, you must take proper steps if your sliding screen door won’t fit on the track. With our easy 4 steps, you can now fix all the problems on your sliding screen door. You can do it yourself without being an expert as well.