Fixed! Front Door Won’t Close

Front doors are often made of wood to level up the home aesthetics. But in many cases, wooden front doors seem not to close properly. Several reasons, such as swelling due to damp weather, misaligned door hinges, or faulty jambs, can cause this issue. 

Front Door Won't Close

So, how to fix a front door that won’t close? Depending on the reason, there are different ways of fixing such a door. In the case of a misaligned hinge, it should be corrected accordingly. Faulty or uneven jambs can also be leveled to close the door. Or, the strike plate can be fixed to make the door stay closed.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to fix a front door that doesn’t close properly or stays shut when closed. From the necessary tools to the detailed methods, everything will be here. Let’s get going.

What Causes the Front Door Won’t Close Problem?

Front doors are usually more beautiful than the inner doors of any house. They are specially designed to increase the overall beauty of the house. But if they aren’t properly installed or used, the door won’t close problems can occur pretty easily. Here are some common reasons behind this problem.

Tools Required to Fix the Front Door That Won't Close

Improper Installation

If the door isn’t installed carefully, uneven edges might prevent the door from closing. Hinge alignment should also be done properly during the installation to keep the door in top condition.


Wood can swell in damp weather. This happens when the door panel isn’t properly seasoned and treated. But this is not permanent. Once the weather goes dry, the swelling will decrease, and the door will return to its original position.

Careless Use

Though the door panels and jambs are quite tough, you shouldn’t slam the door every time. A door that hits the frame might easily get out of its alignment. In such cases, the door won’t close normally. 

Faulty Strike Plate

A strike plate is the piece of metal on the door jamb that lets the latch in. If you don’t install the strike plate correctly or use excessive force to close the door, the strike plate bend or gets damaged. As a result, the door won’t latch strike plate and hence stay shut.

Tools Required to Fix the Front Door That Won’t Close

Let us give a quick overview of the necessary tools to fix a faulty front door. Remember, not all the tools might be required in all methods. So, you should choose them according to your needs.

If Front Doors Are Not Fitted Correctly, They Will Not Close.

How to Fix the Front Door Won’t Close Issue?

As several reasons can cause this issue, we will show you different methods to fix a door that won’t close properly. Check them out.

3 ways to fix the front door wont close issue

Fixing Loose Hinges

If the door hinges are loose, the door panel might not be upright. As a result, it won’t close normally. In this case, you need to fix it using the steps below.

  • Take a Phillips head screwdriver and tighten hinge screws. Inspect the hinges to make sure they are aligned perfectly from top to bottom.
  • In some cases, the screw hole can be loose. You can insert a matchstick inside the hole and apply some glue to it. Once the glue is dry, try tightening the hinge screw.
  • Turn the door and check whether the problem is solved. If not, you can jump to the next method.

Fixing Faulty Strike Plates or Latches

Should a wooden door not closing properly, even after you have fixed the hinges, try checking the strike plate or the latch. Follow these steps.

You can apply some lipstick to the door latch. Mask the strike plate using masking tape or plain paper. 

  • Close the door and reopen it.
  • If there is no lipstick mark on the tape or paper, you can understand that the latch is faulty. In that case, you need to call a professional to fix that.
  • But if the strike plate is bent or misaligned, you need to work on that.
  • Remove the strike plate from the door jamb. Unscrew it using a Phillips head screwdriver. 
  • Then put the strike plate on a piece of sturdy metal. Hit the plate with a hammer to level it. 
  • Don’t be too aggressive. Otherwise, you can do more bad than good. Check the edges by closing one of your eyes to determine whether the strike plate is leveled properly.
  • Install the strike plate on the door jamb and check whether the door is closing properly. 
  • This method will also help when you don’t know how to fix a cupboard door.

Leveling Door Jambs

If none of the abovementioned methods work, you should check the edges of the door panel and the jamb. Any uneven point on the door edge or the frame might prevent the door from closing properly. So, how to fix a door that won’t close at the top? Check it out below.

  • If the amount of unevenness is small, you can fix it by sanding the surface. Take 120-grit sandpaper and sand the uneven surface to make it even. 
  • But if the uneven surface is too high, you need to use a hammer and a chisel to shape that out. Gently scrape the excess portion and sand the surface.

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Final Words

The most beautiful front door of the house easily becomes a headache when it doesn’t close properly. Instead of calling a technician, you can fix some issues yourself. 

In this short guide, we tried to show some common reasons behind the front door won’t close problems and their solutions. Try these methods to fix your front door so that it stays shut. And be more careful when using the door. As front doors are usually heavy, they might have a big impact if you slam them continuously.