How to Replace an Exterior Door Knob? | 6-Step Guidelines

Choosing the right exterior door knob can make a big difference in the look and security of your home. But how to replace an exterior door knob by yourself? It’s quite easy to finish the job within our 6 steps instructions.

How To Replace An Exterior Door Knob

You can easily replace your exterior door knob without any expertise. Just remove the existing old door knob and place the backset, and latch correctly. Then install the new knob on both sides of the door. Fix the latch and strike plate correctly to keep the knob function accurate. 

Additionally, read out how to choose a perfect exterior door knob by matching your exterior design. 

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6 Steps to Replace an Exterior Door Knob

People often ask “can I replace a door knob myself?” Yes, you can do it by yourself without any help from an expert. Just follow these 6 steps guidelines.  

 6 Steps To Replace An Exterior Door Knob

Remove the Existing Door Knob

If you check carefully, you will see there are two screws in your existing door knob. Use a screwdriver to remove them first. Lose the outer and the inner part of the knob. Take out the latch and keep the screws aside. Now just remove the existing strike plate from the door. 

Place the Backset and New Latch Correctly

Now find out the backset on the door knob. It’s usually 2 to 3/4 inches in size. You can use a measuring table to get the accurate size. 

Next, you need to choose a  new latch matching this backset size. Unless it won’t work perfectly. Place the new latch on the door hole. Make sure to place it in the correct direction. Check here to know how to measure cabinet handles.

Install the New Knob (One Side First)

In the third step, you need to install the new knob on a side. First, pick the knob along with the extending rod. Install it on the knob hole of the door. Simply place it on the position and slide the rod along with the latch. All you need to do is install it in the center position of the hole. Now tighten the knob with the screwdriver. 

Fix the New Latch

Here you need to adjust and fix the new latch on the knob. Place the latch plate with and install the mechanism. Make sure that the mechanism is working properly before placing it. Otherwise, you will fail to install the knob successfully. 

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Install Second Knob (Another Side) 

On the other side, you need to install the second part of the knob. Be careful to place it on the other side. Make sure the mechanism rod is in the locking position with the other side. Using the screws provided with the second knob, lock it into place.

Adjust the Strike Plate for the Knob

Lastly, adjust the strike plate on the door knob. Match the plate position exactly on the position of the old one. Ensure the door swing direction and plate position is ok. You may need to check this frequently before you finish the installation. 

Replacing An Exterior Door Knob

How to Pick a Perfect Exterior Door Knob? 

Door knobs and handles are the things that you might give no attention to at all. Door knobs and handles also don’t have a lot of variety in their functions. That’s why people might get confused by the question: are exterior door knobs universal? 

How To Pick A Perfect Exterior Door Knob

Well, door knobs are not universal at all. But you will hardly get many varities based on its function. It can vary due to the backset and hole diameter. Also, you can choose a random style based on your exterior design. 

An exterior door knob focuses on the security of the door. Therefore you need to check these facts to get a perfect exterior door knob.

  1. Check the lock mechanism type of your exterior door knob. It should ensure protection on your door. 
  2. Look at the design of the knob. As you are choosing it for exterior design, it should match your door. 
  3. To ensure high security choose a heavy one. Lightweight door knobs are not good for heavy duty. 
  4. Pick something with an easy installation method. Some door knobs come with a complex installation guide. 
  5. Check the reviews on the internet of your selected model while buying online.
  6. Check out the price as well. Investing in the exterior door knob isn’t that bad. 

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Final Words

Door Knobs are one of the most commonly used in interior or exterior doors. Therefore you need to choose based on your needs. Alternative to exterior door knobs you can also use exterior door handles also. But as you need to frequently open the door, you may prefer keyless access by the door. That’s why people recommend knobs instead of handles. By reading the guideline we mentioned above, you will easily replace it by knowing how to replace an exterior door knob.