How to Cut a Disc Lock With a Grinder? 4 ways to Follow with Cautious

When you need to enter a property that uses a disc lock, there’s always the chance that the lock becomes jammed in a locked position. The best course of action is to try the unlock combination, but if that doesn’t work, it’s time to break out the grinder. So, How to Cut a Disc Lock With a Grinder?

How to Cut a Disc Lock With a Grinder

Keep in mind that these locks are tough to cut and require much grinding before succeeding. You’ll also want to use caution when grinding since it is possible to damage the lock or cut yourself.

By using a grinder, you can easily cut off your disc lock. It just you have to follow some steps. And this guide will help you to do the work.

Can You Use a Grinder to Cut a Lock?

If you need to cut a lock, a few options are available. You can use a portable grinder, a bolt cutter, or a hacksaw. Remove the screws that hold the door handle to use a portable grinder. Next, use a hacksaw to cut the lock off the door. Finally, use the grinder to cut the lock into pieces. 

To cut disc lock, use a portable grinder, a bolt cutter, or a hacksaw.

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How Do You Cut a Disc Lock With an Angle Grinder?

Angle grinder cutting discs for disc locks can be purchased in most hardware stores or online. The angle grinder should have a cutting depth of at least 1/8 inch, and the discs should be cut to a length of 3/8 inch.

Cut a Disc Lock With an Angle Grinder.
  • Mount the angle grinder on the workbench.
  • Insert the cutting disc into the angle grinder.
  • Turn on the angle grinder and adjust the cutting depth to the required level.
  • Cut the disc to the desired length.
  • Remove the cutting disc from the angle grinder.

Suppose you have a stuck front door. And you can not close it. This problem can be caused by several factors, including swelling brought on by wet weather, out-of-place door hinges, or defective jambs.

This video shows cut the disc lock with an angle grinder: 

Can You Cut a Disc Lock?

If you’re looking to cut a disc lock, you’ll need the right tools. The first step is to identify the correct tool for the task. A standard disc lock cutting tool is a traditional keychain knife. However, depending on the make and model of your disc lock, you may also need a unique disc lock cutting tool. 

You’ll need the right tools to cut disc lock.

To cut a standard disc lock, you will need a traditional keychain knife and a jigsaw. Your lock can be a deadbolt. It may be locked. You have to know how to drill out a deadbolt.

Frequently Asked Question

How to open a circle master lock?

To open a circle master lock, you must supply the correct key and insert it into the lock. Once the key is inserted, turn it to the right position. The dial on the lock will now spin, and the lock will open.

How to cut a combination lock?

If you have a combination lock that needs to be cut, there are a few different ways to go about it. 

The first way is to use a key cutter. This small, handheld device is used to cut through metal. You can find critical blades at most hardware stores.

Another way to cut a combination lock is to use a metal saw. This is a more specialized tool that is used to cut through metal. You can find metal saws at most hardware stores.

You can try using a drill if you don’t have either of those tools. 

Final Words

Knowing How to Cut a Disc Lock With a Grinder may be complex, but it can be easy if you follow the steps. However, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. We advise you to do these tasks over the weekend.

Grinding the lock with the grinder is very easy. You only have to put a little bit of effort into it.  If your grinder’s discs are damaged, replace them before cutting the lock. If you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your house, you know how inconvenient it is. 

So, to stop accidents, it’s a good idea for any homeowner to have one of these grinders on hand.