How To Lubricate Your Pocket Door? |5 Easy Steps With Pro Tips

Are you facing trouble sliding your pocket door daily? Or is it losing the smooth sliding over time? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to lubricate your pocket door. But do you exactly know how to lubricate a pocket door? Know it today! 

 How To Lubricate Your Pocket Door 5 Easy Steps With Pro Tips

You can easily lubricate your pocket door by following some easy steps. First, you need to clean the pocket door tracks and then fix the adjustment. After the cleaning, you need to apply the lubricants on the tracks, wheels, and all over the moving mechanism. 

Continue your reading journey to know additionally how you can maintain better sliding on a pocket door. 

5 Basic Steps You Must Follow Before Lubricating Your Pocket Door

By knowing how do you lubricate a pocket door then you can easily do it by yourself. To make the job easy follow these 5 basic steps to lubricate a pocket door. Thus you will get a smooth sliding and moving on the track. 

5 Steps To Lubricate A Pocket Door

Clean The Pocket Door Track

Before you apply lubrication to the pocket door, you need to clean the track. Over time the track can have some issues which cause unsmooth movement of the door. There can be hair, insects, dust, and stone pieces. As a result, the trackways won’t allow smooth moving. 

So use an old toothbrush to clean the door track. Also, you can use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose. And then you can easily clean the grimes and dust on it. Soap water with detergent will also be a great cleaning solution for cleaning, or buy a cleaning solution for better cleaning. 

Check Out The Roller 

If your pocket door is old enough then there could be some complex issues. For example, the roller can be stuck on the track. Therefore it gets jammed and won’t allow you to slide the door easily. 

Even the roller can be broken or the axis can gape. This is why you should check the roller as well, to identify possible damages. Once you figure out the problem you can easily fix it. Or else you need to replace the roller. 

Adjust The Roller On Door Track

Sometimes the pocket door rollers get stuck due to grimes and dust and the axis gets out of the track. For that, you need to check this out. Often the roller gets out of the track and causes tight sliding on the door. That’s why you should check the roller adjustment frequently. 

Ensure The Wheel Movement 

Roller wheels are made of nylon and allow the moving function of the door. If the wheels do not move smoothly you can’t move the door easily. Therefore, ensure the wheels move smoothly on the track. Otherwise, lubrication will not give you the right solution you are looking for. 

Spray The Lubricate On Roller 

After checking all the previous steps you need to apply the lubricant on the roller. You can use lubricant spray or oil on the pocket door. But lubricate spray is way handier than the lubricating oil for applying. Just spray the lubricant on the wheels and tracks. 

But don’t wipe it out. You need to apply the lubricant on a periodical gap to keep the smoothness. Unless it won’t last long if you do not use lubricant periodically. 

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7 Pro Tips For Better Sliding Pocket Door 

How do you make a pocket door slide better? As simple as following these 7 steps only!  

Pro Tips For Better Sliding Pocket Door
  1. Clean your pocket door regularly with a cleaning solution 
  2. Ensure the pocket door track is well fit on the frame
  3. Use lubricant regular basis to keep perfect moving functionality 
  4. Ensure the smooth wheel movement 
  5. Clean the pocket door roller to avoid jams or stucks on it
  6. Keep identifying any issue that can raise a problem for sliding or moving,
  7. Fix or replace with new wheels if the door gets old. Know how to replace an exterior door knob 

What Type Of Lubricant Is Better For Your Pocket Door? 

One of the most common questions we found during our research: Can you use wd40 a pocket door? The answer is yes. Know why?

 What Type Of Lubricate Is Better For Your Pocket Door

WD40 is a water-resistant silicone-based lubricant. In case of wetness, it works perfectly. You can get the great benefit of being waterproof and metal protectors due to the silicone. It’s ideal to use on vinyl, plastic, and nylon-type material. 

Therefore you can use this lubricant on your pocket door tracks, roller wheels, and knobs as well. WD40 could be a good choice because of its reliable price. 

There are a lot of different types of lubricants and grease oil like petroleum-based, silicone-based, and wax-based lubricants. 

You can use any of these lubricants near your hand. But using a petroleum-based lubricant would be a great choice. Else any of the silicon-based lubricants works fine for lubricating your pocket door. 

Last Words

It’s a good practice to lubricate your pocket door regularly. Otherwise, it can get stuck and become hard to slide over the period. Remember to invest in the mechanism of your pocket door. And try to avoid low-quality lubricants that rust the metal. Therefore you need to keep the moving mechanism neat and clean for better sliding. With the above guidelines, We hope you know now how to lubricate a pocket door within 5 basic steps. Also, the 7 pro tips we provide here will be handy for you.