How to Choose the Best Door Handleset in 2022

Best Door HandlesetBuying Guide:

Door handle sets are the safety portals to your house. You have to choose wisely, so there is much to know about here.

Door Swing

Before buying the handset, you need to know where your door is an inswing door or an outswing one. Handlesets are constructed differently on the basis of such door orientation. So, this is a vital point to consider.

If the door opens out of the room, then it is an outswing door, and if it opens into the room, then it is an inswing door.

The orientation of the Door

If the hinges of the door are on the right side, then you need a right-handed handleset. And if the hinges are on the left side, then, of course, you need a left-handed handleset.

You need to buy your handleset to match the orientation of the door.

The thickness of the Door

The handleset has to be installed through the door, and so its thickness will be of considerable importance. Modern front doors are usually about 1¾ inches, and modern interior doors are about 1⅜ inches. Take this into account when you choose the handleset.

Lock Styles

There are all kinds of handlesets. You have the traditional one; then there are ones that are more contemporary.

The single-cylinder has only one hole on the outer side of the door. Very close to this is the double cylinder; everything is the same here as the single one, but there are locking holes on both the exterior and interior sides.

Smart locks are the ones that can be connected to mobile devices and operated remotely. If you want modern and safe, these are a good option for you. Another option similar to this one is the electronic lock. They work with access codes, and you can set up about 19 access on each of these locks to take security up to a whole new level.

There is another handleset which is designed particularly for the indoors or corporate areas – these are the inactive handlesets. They don’t have a locking mechanism, and their purpose is to serve as beautiful pulling handles.

One kind of inactive handlesets used very commonly in corporate areas are the dummy sets. They are designed for double doors.

Last but not least is the front entry handleset, which does not have a deadbolt but only has the handle to allow entry and exit.


Single-cylinder handlesets are good for doors that are only a single panel of wood. For example, the regular doors in the rooms of our houses.

If you want to lock the single paneled door, then you have to get the handleset with double cylinders – these handlesets allow you to lock the door both from the inside and the outside. These double cylinder handlesets are also good for glass doors.

If you have a double paneled front door in use, then you will need two handlesets. In this case, you could use an inactive handleset on one door, and a single-cylinder lock on the other door. You could also use the dummy handleset here if you don’t need to lock those doors.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

There are two main types of locks in such handlesets. One is the mortise, and the other is cylindrical.

1. Mortise Locks:

You need a mortise pocket bored into the door so that you can install this type of lock. These are more of a hassle to install because they operate with about 3 different body parts that need separate installations for them to all work together as a unit.

With these doors, you can lock the door from both sides. Therefore, if you are thinking about front doors, then these are the ideal choice.

2. Cylindrical Locks:

These locks have a circular body, and these are installed in bored doors. These locks are inserted on both the exterior and interior faces of the door through a lever or a knob.

They are then screwed together on both sides, and they release the latch when they are turned.

These locks are easy to install and less troublesome on the whole because they don’t require you to install a mortise pocket into the door first.

However, if you want to lock these doors, you have to buy a deadbolt lock separately, since they don’t have an internalized locking mechanism.

Also, these locks support from one side only. They are ideal for interior doors.

Privacy/Security Requirement

If you are looking for privacy, then you need to install an interior deadbolt, and if you are looking for security, then you are better off with an exterior lock.

Interior locks are easily operable – they may have a push-button locking mechanism which can be quickly and simply utilized.

Exterior locks, on the other hand, are heavier – they often involve a key or a throw latch in their locking mechanism. They are more durable and more costly, as well.

FAQs About Door Handle set

1. Do deadbolts come with handlesets?

No, most handlesets are just for opening and closing the doors. If you want to lock them, you need to buy a deadbolt separately and then install it into the door.

2. Which locks are more durable, mortises, or cylindrical ones?

Mortises are more durable.

3. Are electronic door locks as safe as traditional ones?

Not really. They will be vulnerable if any controlling device loses connection with them.

4. Can I buy the same handlesets for all my doors?

You can use the same handlesets as long as all your doors are of the same dimensions. Front doors usually have different dimensions from interior doors. So, you’ll have to use different handlesets for them, at least.

5. Can I install the handlesets myself?

Yes, if the door has a bore in it already. The installation of the handleset is simple enough to be done by a non-professional.


Door handle sets add beauty and character to your house. Make sure to get ones that match the rest of your interior decor.

The best door handleset is the one that serves you for many long years without requiring any extra attention to it. Hope you find the one of your choice and that you are comfortable enough to use it all the time. Thanks for staying with us for so long. Best of luck.