How Far Does A Barn Door Stick Out From The Wall?

Figuring out the right space (from the door to the wall) is vital for installing a new barn door in the bedroom or entrance area. As the central line and clearance gap plays a major role to align the door ideally on the wall, you need to know the correct figure of their distance. 

So, how far does a barn door stick out from the wall? In this guide, I will discuss this topic and answer some of the most-asked queries so you leave this guide knowing everything in detail. Hope It Helps!

How Far Does A Barn Door Stick Out From The Wall

So, How Far Does A Barn Door Stick Out From The Wall?

The answer differs based on the depth of the barn door and track system. To make a long story short, it sticks out for up to 1.75” to 3.75” (44.45 mm to 95.25 mm) from the wall.

Barn doors are one of the most-used traditional appliances that not only add value but also improve the room entry looks. To fit them on the entrance, you will need a track, rollers, hangers, door guides, jump blocks, standoffs, and stops. 

There’s a gap between the door to the wall so that it can slide through the hangers over the tracker. 

a gap between the door to the wall

To make the long story short, there are 2 things that affect the gap when sticking out. And these are:

  1. The thickness of the door.
  2. Track system.

These points will require the installation of the track, hangers, and other accessories to align well. Read down below to understand the distance of the barn door stays from the door clearly.

Barn Door Thickness

In most cases, the depth of the barn door is between 1.56” to 2” (39.62 mm to 50.8 mm). Based on this measurement, the standard track of the barn door might stick out 1” from the wall.

It generally means the center of the door width decides the exact distance between door and wall. So, if your barn door depth is 2”, then the door gap would stick out 1.5” from the wall. 

One thing you also need to think off is the spacer. If your barn door contains spacer on the top, then the measurement would be a little different. It would be around 2” to 3.75” (50.8 mm to 95.25 mm). 

Track System

Using a normal track system will let the barn door stick out 1.75” (44.45 mm) from the wall. Depending on the different types of tracks used on the barn door, the overall gap would change over time. 

To put it simply, if using a metal track system on the top section of the door, the gap (door sticking out from the wall) would be close to 1” or less. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you fill the gap between barn doors and walls?

There are other techniques where you can use like using a chunk of wood to simply cover up the holes. And to fix gap between door jamb and floor, the weatherstrip would work the best.

2. Are barn doors flush with the wall?

No, they don’t flush. Instead, they hover on the exposed and open gaps of the barn doors. It simply means you would want to avoid having barn doors if dislike being interrupted during your sole or private moment. 

3. How much clearance do you need for a barn door?

A wide and big clearance will require installing the barn door in a room. The minimum clearance for the barn door is 6” or 152.4 mm.

4. Are barn doors the same on both sides?

Well, both sides are not similar due to the handle attachment and upper accessories which can’t be seen on the back view.

Overall Thoughts

That’s all about how far does a barn door stick out from the wall. After knowing the distance, it’s time for you to add yours. No matter if you have used one of the best barn door floor guide or not, this kind of action doesn’t change the distance so don’t get confused. 

Hope To See You Soon in New Guide!