How to Keep Drawer Pulls from Spinning?

Drawer pulls can go loose over time. Especially knobs on cabinet doors or drawers with just one screw get loose pretty easily. And that’s an annoying issue every time we pull the drawer. This starts to happen frequently when the drawer or knob is too old.

How to Keep Drawer Pulls from Spinning

So, how do you keep drawer pulls from spinning? The easiest way is tightening the screw once again to keep the pull from spinning.

We can also add washers under the screw to tighten even more without damaging the drawer panel. Or, we can use a pull that has at least two screws.

In this guide, we will focus on how to keep drawer pulls tight even after extended use. There will also be information on how to fix these issues most easily. Here we go.

What Causes Spinning Drawer Pulls?

Before you ask how do I stop my cabinet pulls from spinning, you should learn why this happens in the first place. Well, here is the answer.

Cup Pulls on Shaker Cabinets

The main reason behind loose drawer pulls the excessive force when pulling and pushing. After installing a drawer pull, it is used numerous times a day.

As a result, the exerted force reaches the threads of the screws and makes them jagged. This is why drawer pulls go loose after some time.

Spinning can also cause by improper installation. If the screw isn’t tightened properly while installing the pull, it can start spinning pretty quickly.

Also, if you dig a drawer knob hole too big, the knob will start spinning no matter how much you twist the screw.

Sometimes, washers aren’t used to install drawer pulls. In that case, the force can’t get distributed over a large area. As a result, the pull starts becoming loose gradually and spinning.

Now that you know the reasons behind the spinning of drawer pulls let’s learn how to fix loose knobs on dresser.

How to Keep Drawer Pulls from Spinning?

Once you find a drawer pull spinning, you should run a thorough check on the pulls that were installed closely. Here are some ways of keeping your drawer pulls from spinning.

Tighten the Pull Again

How do you tighten drawer pulls when installing? If you didn’t use enough force to tighten pulls, the screw might get loose over time, and the pull might start spinning.

To prevent the spinning, you should push the knob against the drawer and turn the screw on the other end using pliers.

Fix the Knob with Glue

If you don’t have the necessary tools for tightening the knob screw, an easy way out is to use glue to fix it. But remember, it might be difficult to remove glued cabinet knobs

Apply some glue into the screw hole, and then push the knob as much as you can. Turn the screw by your hand, and then apply some more glue on the other side of the screw as well. Let the glue dry for some time, and boom! You now have a pull that won’t spin easily.

Add a Washer Before Installing the Pull

If you don’t want to take the hassle of fixing drawer pulls, you can use washers for cabinet knobs. Putting a washer under the screw will distribute the applied force. So, you can tighten the screw more than you could with the screw alone.

After adding the washer, hold the knob firmly and turn the screw as long as you can. This will ensure the knob won’t spin after some days.

Use Pulls or Knobs with Multiple Screws

If you can’t keep cabinet screws tight no matter how hard you try, it is probably the knob where the problems lie. In such cases, you might want to change the pull or knob you are using. Knobs with single screws tend to spin more than others.

So, you should choose a pull or knob that has at least two screws. As these screws are spaced by some inches, there will be no spinning even if they get a bit loose. This is the biggest benefit of using knobs with multiple screws.

Replace the Old Screw with a New One

Sometimes, the screw can be the main reason behind the spinning. To fix loose knobs on dresser, you might need to replace the old screw. For this, remove the knob from the drawer and visually inspect the screw for any fault.

If the screw threads are jagged, you should throw that screw away and get a new knob screw . Install the knob using a new screw that is properly threaded. Also, follow any of the above steps you see fit.

5 Ways to Keep Drawer Pulls from Spinning

And, if you don’t know how to fix a stripped cabinet knob, check this guide.

Things to Consider When Fixing Spinning Drawer Pulls Issue

Check these tips from expert professionals to make fixing spinning drawer pulls much easier.

  • If you don’t want to damage the drawer panel by tightening screws too much, use cabinet knob spacers to fix them. Check them out here.
  • Not all materials might fit your drawers the same. Metal pulls can usually be tightened more than plastic pulls. Also, you can try different screws to see which one stays tighter.
  • While removing glued cabinet knobs, be careful not to damage the drawer panel. 

Final Words

Spinning drawer pulls are one of the most annoying pieces of hardware in the house. To get rid of this issue, you should follow the abovementioned steps. And the first step is to install them correctly so that they don’t get loose after some use.

If they still get loose, you can try tightening the screws, gluing the knobs, adding washers, or even replacing the screws. These methods will help you fix spinning pulls on drawers without much hassle. A bit of your time and effort can fix problematic drawer pulls and let you live in peace.