How to Fix Loose Knobs on Dresser in a Minute like A Pro?

This is a simple but annoying problem that many people experience. Over time, the knob on the Drawer can loosen and eventually fall off the face of the drawer. This leaves an inconvenient way to open it, especially if someone has limited hand mobility.

How To Fix Loose Knobs On Dresser

Loose knobs can be a sign of dry rot or damage and must be fixed before the dresser can be used safely. A few simple steps can do the trick.

This article will discuss how to fix loose knobs on dresser. So, let’s dive deep into it.

How to Fix Loose Knobs on Dresser: Step by Step

Let’s discuss the step-by-step process of fixing loose knobs on your dresser.

Step 1: Remove the Drawer to have more Space

It can be frustrating when trying to tighten a knob on a dresser that feels loose because there isn’t enough space to get a good grip.

The solution is to remove the Drawer from the cabinet dresser and give yourself more room to work. This will allow you to tighten the knob easily and without damaging the furniture.

Yet, there could be some problems you might face with Drawer pulls. And, knowing how to keep drawer pulls from spinning could help you out.

Step 2: Remove the Screw

Rotate the screwdriver counter-clockwise to loosen the screw from the knobs by placing the screwdriver on the screw. The number of screws you’ll need to remove for this fix may vary depending on the kind of cabinet or Drawer you’re working on.

Step 3: Check Out the Screw

If there is jagged threading on the body portion of the screw, it may indicate that the screw has been damaged in some way and should be replaced.

Verify whether or not the screw’s threads are smooth or whether the screw’s body has any jagged threads by looking at the threads directly on the screw.

You’ll need to get a new screw if your current one seems to be in poor shape. So when you go to the shop, don’t forget to bring the knob with you to obtain the proper screw.

Step 4: Check for the Debris

To inspect the holes within the knob or Drawer to see if there is any extra debris, pull out on the knob or Drawer until it starts to come loose. If there is any extra debris, you can remove it by using a small screwdriver or your fingernails.

Step 5: Put the Washer

One of the most common repairs people make is to replace a washer on a screw. There are a few reasons why this might happen.

Washers can come loose over time or get stripped by the screw. If this happens, the screw won’t fit into the hole properly and will need to be replaced.

Step 6: Insert the Screw

After putting the washer and screw into the sound hole, tighten the screw just until it’s snug. Use a level to ensure the cabinet knob is aligned with the hole and screw.

Step 7: Place the Knob

Tighten the screws that hold the knob to the cabinet by placing the knob in front of the cabinet drawer and tightening the screws. This method is especially helpful if you have limited access to screws or if your cabinet is difficult to move.

Step 8: Tighten the Screw on the Knob

Many tools require a screw to be tightened. One of these is the knob on a water faucet. The knob can be turned with your left hand, but it can be difficult to tighten the screw with just your left hand. 

To make it easier, you can use your right hand to turn the screw clockwise, which will tighten the knob on the screw.

If you tighten a screw with your left hand and the knob is on the right side of the object, turning the screw with just your fingers can be tricky. One method to make it simpler is to hold the screw with your left hand and tighten the knob with your right.

Step 9: Use Screwdriver to tighten the screw

Tightening screws can be a chore, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to do it quickly and easily. Here’s how:

  • Turn the screwdriver so that the blade is facing the screw head.
  • Grip the screwdriver near the blade and turn the screw in a clockwise direction.
  • Stop turning when you hear or feel the Screw start to tighten.

Step 10: Check If It Is Secured

If the knob on your cabinet is loose, it could be a sign that the cabinet is not secure and should be fixed again.

Loose knobs can also lead to cabinet doors falling off, making it difficult to close or open them. If you notice a loose knob on your cabinet, tighten it up so the door stays closed and secure.

Step 11: Place the Drawer Back, and You are done

Place the Drawer Back when you are done fixing the loose dresser cabinet knob. And now you’ve fixed the loose knobs. If you still face any problems, you can either do the process again or talk to an expert carpenter.

Final Words

Now you know how to fix loose knobs on dresser. I hope this article will come in handy for you to fix the problem. 

Also, when you want to know how to fix a stripped cabinet knob, you can check it out if you have spare time.

Yet, if the problem persists, you may need to call a professional to help with the repair. Always be cautious when working with tools and furniture, and be mindful of your surroundings.

Have fun fixing your dresser, and enjoy your newly tightened knobs!