Sliding Door Keeps Coming Off Track? Find How to Fix It!

The sliding door contains a tiny roller that moves from side to side through the upper and lower tracks. But sometimes it comes out and so things don’t move smoothly.

To put it simply, the sliding door keeps coming off track and it’s signaling issues with certain part or placement that require attention.

In this guide, I’ll share easy ways to fix the trouble which will hopefully work out. Let’s get into it!

Fixing Sliding Door Keeps Coming Off Track Problem.

Like everything else, you need to locate the reasons behind the sliding door coming out of the track issue and then solve it carefully. It should not take more than 10 minutes (similar to the procedure of how to fix folding closet door off track). Grab the tools to move to the following steps.

Why Does My Sliding Door Came Off the Track?

Before moving to the methods, it’s better to know the causes. There’re tons of reasons why a well-insulated sliding door doesn’t stand on the track. Consider the given points to know the real reasons:

  1. The two rollers are damaged.
  2. Bad track system. 
  3. Alignment issue (mistake during installation). 
  4. Dirt or debris stuck inside the track.

Tip: If you carefully observe the little things of your sliding door, you’ll easily locate the real issue which causes it to come off the track.

How To Fix Sliding Door Off Track – Try These 4 Methods!

Based on the causes, it’s better to fix the problematic part only. I’ll walk you down 4 ways that solve the sliding door off track issue.

Replace 2 Rollers

  • Loosen up the right-side nut of the sliding doors on the bottom. Use a Philips screwdriver to do it right.
  • Then, loosen up the left-side nut on the bottom of the sliding doors.
  • Take out the sliding door using a putty or utility knife.
  • Remove the metal sill plate that attaches to the track using the putty knife.  
  • Detach the secure brackets, sliding doors, and old rollers.
  • Insert the new roller kit which is great in quality like the Prime-Line D 1998 Sliding Door Roller on the door.
  • Fasten the nuts in the right spots of the door using the Philips screwdriver.
  • Attach the secure brackets using the same tool. Also, insert the sliding doors inside the track. Place the metal sill plate in its place.
  • Tighten out the left and right-side nuts on the sliding doors.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Philips screwdriver. 
  2. Putty knife.
  3. Roller kit.

Replace The Track

  • Remove the sliding door. If possible, ask your friend to help you out. Be sure to loosen the rollers.  
  • Take out the track using a putty knife. 
  • Grab the new one and place it right beside the old track and mark the length. Then, use a circular saw to cut the new one so that it fits rightly on the frame. 
  • Insert the track in the frame. If your one comes with nuts to attach to the frame, then drill the hole (via drilling machine) and place the nut to secure tightly using the screwdriver. 
  • Attach the rollers back to the place. 
  • Put the sliding door in the door frame. Done!

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Screwdriver. 
  2. Putty knife.
  3. Track kit.
  4. Drilling machine.
  5. Circular saw.

Fix The Alignment of Sliding Door

  • Detach the securing brackets using a screwdriver. 
  • Take out the door from the track.
  • Re-attach it but this time you will push the top of the door inside the track. 
  • Then, slide the door by pushing on the bottom of the door. 
  • Again, push the top of the door. 
  • Slide the door from side to side to ensure the alignment is correct.  
  • Insert the securing brackets. 

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Screwdriver. 

Clean The Track & Roller

  • Remove the door from the frame. 
  • Detach the rollers using the screwdriver and inspect them. 
  • Take a wire brush to wipe out dust from the track and roller. Then, grab the best silicone lubricant for sliding doors like the effective WD-40 Specialist, and spray it on them. 

Things You’ll Need:

  1. Screwdriver. 
  2. Wire brush.
  3. Silicon lubricant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my sliding door slide better?

Regular maintenance and daily cleaning will help make your sliding door slide better. You might need to use lubricant too.

How hard is it to replace a sliding door?

It’s medium to high in difficulty level to replace the sliding door. However, if you get help from a close friend, it will be a lot easier as a starter DIYer. 

How much does it cost to repair a sliding door?  

In general, the cost to repair the sliding door will charge around $150 to $400. It can cost high or low based on the real issue the sliding door dealing with. 

Wrap Up

By now, you’ll probably know all the solutions to sliding door keeps coming off track problem. It’s not that hard to take care of the door by ensuring regular care.

The given methods are simple to follow if you focus and put in reasonable effort. I have tried to present all the possible solutions to fix the sliding door error.

Hope you understand the whole procedure and find this guide handy to try. And don’t forget to bring the gears before starting. Good Luck!