How to Install Keyless Entry Door Lock? 6 Easy Steps to Follow

Locking your entry door with keys is not convenient anymore. Instead of this, you can upgrade to a keyless door locking system as a part of smart home security. So if you know how to install keyless entry door locks on your door, you can do it by yourself. 

Install keyless entry door lock steps including removing the old door lock, measuring the backset distance, placing the new deadbolt, setting up the access code, and reinstalling the door knob & strike plates. You can instantly install a keyless entry door lock system within this. 

How to Install Keyless Entry Door Lock 6 Step by Step Guidelines

Keep reading to find out the whole process in easy 6 steps. You can upgrade to a keyless entry door without the help of a locksmith. 

How to Install Keyless Entry Door Lock In 6 Steps

People often ask Is it hard to install keyless entries? And assume that converting to a keyless entry door is tough and complex. But it can be easily done within one hour if you follow these 6 steps as we describe below. 

How to Install Keyless Entry Door Lock In 6 Steps

Remove the Old Lock and Door Knob From the Door 

You need to start by removing your existing door lock and knob from the door. Just unscrew it from the lock set by a screwdriver. Then simply pull out the lock set from the plate. 

Next, unbox the new lock and put the components together. You will get a touchscreen keypad lock, deadbolts, and mounting hardware. Additionally, you get batteries for the lock display, locking mechanism, and a manual guide with your keyless door lock. 

Measure the Backset of the Door for Installing the New One

You need to place the keyless lock on the old door lock position. Find the backset distance from the door edge. A new deadbolt needs to be in the center. 

Otherwise, it won’t fit with your door lock. Usually, the standard gap is 1.5 inches to 2 inches. You can slide the sleeve in or out as you need to adjust it according to the size of the backseat

Place the New Keyless Lock Deadbolt Into Your Door

You need to place the new deadbolt into the door. Align the keyless lock keypad to the position. Ensure that you can pass the wire under the deadbolt. 

Place it horizontally and remove the mounting plate from the locking mechanism. Then attach it with the keypad while the wires stay out of the side position.

Attach the wire harness to the back of the latch after removing the battery cover on the interior latch. Ensure that the latch pin slides into the horizontal slit in the deadbolt when mounting the latch to the mounting plate. A mounting screw attaches to the bottom and two screws behind the batteries.

Set Access Code for Your Keyless Lock

Set Access Code for Your Keyless Lock

After installing the battery in the compartment, you need to set the access code for the lock. Follow the instruction guide that you get along with your keyless door lock. There you will find the code setting process. 

Based on your keyless door lock the features can be different. You may be able to access keyless door locks through your smartphone or Bluetooth. Integrate the security code as a part of your smart home system.

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Re-Install the New Knob & Strike Plates for the Keyless Door Lock

Now you need to re-install the doorknob and strike plate as before. Align the screws inside the interior part and mount the holes by tightening them with a screwdriver. Add a doorknob based on your choice. After that remove the existing strike plate from the jamb and place it by the new one.

In case you face any trouble with screw holes during the process, then learn the repair screw holes in hollow door

Check Out if the Keyless Door Lock Is Working Properly

Finally, check out the newly placed keyless lock for your door. Ensure the lock is working properly and you can access it without trouble. 

Check Out if the Keyless Door Lock Is Working Properly

Remember to use a 9-volt battery for the keypad of your keyless door lock. In case the battery dies you need to keep the ready extra battery for instance. All the time you need the access code even for replacing the battery as well. 

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Final Thoughts

Accessing your house door without the key is a smart and convenient way. It can improve your house security as no one can access your door without the access code. If you know how to install a keyless entry door lock, you can easily upgrade your door lock system. 

You can unlock your door with a keyless entry by tapping your smartphone. Therefore, integrating your entry door lock system with your wifi and Bluetooth is handy. So that you can secure your house by avoiding an analog locking system.