Easily Add Soft Close to Existing Drawers- Complete Guide!

Soft close drawers are the latest and most high-tech cabinet system with high demand in the market. It offers convenience and elegance at the same time. But, can you add soft close to existing drawers?

Yes, it is very much possible to convert an existing drawer to a soft-close one. The soft-close slides can be mounted in the existing drawers. Then, you can install the soft-lock adapter with a catch and piston to slow down the closing speed. The whole process is done with some basic steps namely, uninstalling the old hardware, installing drawer glides, installing cabinet glides, and making necessary adjustments.

This article will discuss a lot about how to add soft close to existing drawers and more.

Let’s get started!

Can you add soft close to existing drawers

How Do Soft Close Drawers Work?

Soft close is a high-quality feature that helps a drawer to open and close without noise and hindrance. The drawers include a built-in hydraulic mechanism system. Additionally, a catch and piston are present that help shut down the drawer.

It also has a sliding arm, a drawer runner, and metal housing. You can either mount the slides on the sides of the drawer or underneath it. When you push the drawer to some extent, the soft-close mechanism starts working. As the name indicates, it closes softly and quietly.

How to Install Soft-Close to Existing Drawers?

Adding soft-close to your existing drawers may be time consuming but it is a simple process if you can do it properly. Here’s how you can add soft close to existing drawers.

1. Remove the Old Drawer

Your existing drawers probably have metal or plastic slides that allow the drawer to come forward and backward of the cabinet. The first thing you need to do is to remove the old drawer from the cabinet. Also, remember to empty the drawer before starting so that its weight won’t trouble you.  

To remove the drawer, you need to trigger the release levers placed below the drawer box. Pull the box all way out as much as it comes out and squeeze the release levers. Then, gently lift the drawer slightly up and the drawer box should come out from the current slides.   

In case there’re more particles or obstacles that take up more space, you may consider removing them as well before starting with the next step.

2. Uninstall Old Hardware

Once you remove the drawer and clean debris and other particles, you can start by removing the existing slide hardware.  

In most cases, these slides are connected together by screws and nuts. So, you need to remove them in order to remove the existing hardware. You may not even need anything more than a regular screwdriver for the job. You may be interested in how to remove drawer slides no lever.

3. Add Soft Close to the Drawer

Now it is time to attach a soft close to the drawer. You can either install slides directly underneath the drawers or attach side-mounted slides that are easier to install and less expensive.

Before starting with the installation process directly, you should check whether the drawer slide is compatible with the soft close as they are available in different shapes and sizes. If you don’t know how to measure drawers for slides, here it is for you.

Also, the most important thing is to align slides in the cabinet and on the drawer. You can use a drawer slide jig to attach the slides to them easily. It is particularly designed to level the drawer to the cabinet.

Once you’re completely ready, place the drawer on one side. Align the glide flush with the drawer bottom to make sure the extending part of the glide is placed to the front of the drawer. Mark the position with a pencil and screw the marked glide. Repeat the process at the back of the drawer and on the other side of it.

Now, it is time to install the cabinet glides. Pull the glide placed on the back of the drawer to release its clip and remove it from the drawer. Then, attach the mounting clip to the slide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to adjust the speed of soft close drawers?

Most soft-close drawer mechanisms come with a built-in adjustment tab. This tab is usually set at the highest resistance point at the time of installing. If you need to adjust the speed of the soft close drawer, you have to lower the tab up to your desired level.

Also, remember that even a small change in the adjustment tab may result in a huge difference in speed. So, it is better to fix the tab somewhere in the middle. See how to fix a soft close drawer that slams.

2. Can you change regular drawers to soft close?

Well, as everyone loves the smooth closing and opening action of a soft close drawer, it is possible to change your regular drawers to a soft close. You have to get rid of the existing setup at first. Then, attach suitable soft-close slides as necessary.

3. Can soft close drawers be add to existing cabinets?

Even though it is difficult to add soft close to your existing cabinets, it is possible to add one. You can see how you can add soft close to your old cabinet here.


Even though it takes a lot of time, skill, and effort, it is completely worth upgrading to a soft close. Your existing cabinets or drawers may be annoying but by installing the soft-close technology, they would be fun and easy to use.

I hope this article helps you know can you add soft close to existing drawers and cabinets. This keeps you tension-free from the drawer chipping and increases its overall longevity.