How to Close Gap on Sides of Barn Door?

Barn doors are an effective solution for tight spaces where we can’t install a swinging door. But as barn doors sit in front of the frame, some gaps remain on all four sides of the barn door. This can let odor pass through from bathrooms or hamper the privacy of the bedroom.

So, how to close gap on sides of barn door? We can use weatherstrips or rubber foam to close the gap on the sides of a barn door. Installing wooden strips on the inner side of the frame will also seal the gap. 

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to effectively seal the gap on the sides of the barn door to get the ultimate privacy and quietness. Let’s get started.

How to Close Gap on Sides of Barn Door?

Why Is There A Gap on Sides of Barn Door?

Before you jump into blocking the gaps, you need to know why there are gaps on the sides of a barn door. This is because barn doors aren’t fitted to the door frame installed on the wall. Instead, a metal frame is installed in front of the wall, and barn doors use this frame as a rail to move along.

As the door panel sits at a distance from the wall, there will be a gap on all sides of the barn doors. Now, this can be a problem for those who want complete privacy in the bedroom. Also, stinks coming from the bathroom through the gaps might affect the environment of your room.

So, what do you do in such cases? Can you seal a barn door? Well, let us show you how to achieve privacy by sealing a barn door.

How to Close Gap on Sides of Barn Door?

There are several ways of closing the gap on the sides of a barn door. Let’s discuss one after another. Make sure you are following them correctly.

Adding Weather Strips

Weather strips are very useful for sealing a barn door. Depending on the gap size, you can use weather strips of different thicknesses. These strips will prevent light, air, dust, and insects from entering the room. You will also get the desired privacy with these strips.

Simply apply a long weather strip on each side of the barn door. Though weather strips have adhesive on one side, you can use nails to apply the strips. This will increase the durability of the strips. After installing them, the gap between the door and the wall will significantly be reduced.

Remember, you should choose a good quality weather strip to get the desired result. Check this strip out.

Installing Door Sweep

Depending on how big is the gap between barn door and wall, weather strips might not be as effective as desired. In that case, you can install a door sweep to close the gap between the wall and the door. 

Unlike weather strips, door sweeps won’t be harsh on the floor. So, you use this method for bathroom doors. Also, door sweeps are more affordable. To install door sweeps, you need to measure the gap and pick sweeps of the correct size.

Apply them to the sides of the door with glue or nails. This should close the gaps and give you the privacy you desire. Here is a good door sweep you can buy at an affordable price.

Install Soundproof Foam

Music studios usually use soundproof foams to prevent sound from going outside. You can take advantage of this foam if you know how to install it correctly.

Take a large soundproofing foam and cut strips of the right thickness to use between the gap. Use strong glue to attach the strips on the sides of the barn door to seal the gap. Get a foam that is able to absorb sound well to give you a quiet environment.

How to Add Privacy to a Bathroom Barn Door?

If you use a barn door for the bathroom, you need to know how to add privacy to a barn door. As there are no built-in locks on a barn door, you need to install one to add privacy. These locks come in many styles, so you should choose the one you find suitable.

We suggest using an entry lock or a door latch to maintain privacy in your bathroom. Though these locks won’t close the gaps, at least no one can pull the door open. 

If you want a more inexpensive solution, you can install a hook and eye latch to add privacy.

How to Keep Barn Door from Swinging?

Single-part barn doors are commonly installed where you need a swinging door. In such cases, the door may swing unnecessarily and cause a nuisance. Do you know how to keep barn door from swinging?

Well, you can install a roller guide at the bottom of the door so that the door stays in place no matter what.

How Do You Fill Cracks In a Barn Door?

Cracks can develop on barn door panels over time. If you don’t fix the crack, it might deteriorate gradually and allow light or sound to penetrate. So, how do you fill cracks in a barn door?

Depending on the size of the crack, you can use two methods. If the crack is very thin, you can apply wood glue to fill the crack. Let the glue dry before you use the door.

You can also apply wood putty if the crack is large. After the putty is dry, shave the excess off.

Final Words

Barn doors add a bit of style and functionality to doors. But the biggest problem with barn doors is the gap on the sides. As this shouldn’t prevent you from installing these doors, you should know how to close the gaps between the door panel and the wall.

We mentioned some methods to effectively close the gap on the sides of a barn door. It will ensure no wanted light or sound enters the room. Also, no one can take a sneak peek inside your bedroom or bathroom if you properly close gaps on the sides of the barn door.