How to Choose the Best Cabinet Pulls in 2022

the Best Cabinet PullsBuying Guide:

Cabinet pulls come in many different shapes, designs, and finishes. These pulls require more holes to be drilled during installations, and so their effect lasts a permanent mark. Make sure to get ones that you won’t regret along the way. 

1. Comfort

Pay attention to this because this will be the aspect that you will be most connected with. We open and close cabinets more often than we realize. With bad cabinet pulls, you’ll have to be conscious of this action all the time. Make sure that you are comfortable with the design, color, and feel of the cabinet pulls to even consider them for your home.

Don’t buy handles that have rough edges or a patchy design. Trust me; you’ll get bored of it real soon.

Only consider those pulls for your home, which lets you have a nearly perfect grip on them.

2. Design

The design of the cabinet pull will add to the beauty of your room, or make things look awkward and misplaced. Keep in mind that you should only buy a design if it matches the overall ambiance of the room.

Traditional/Antiquated Designs:

If you have a love for the rich traditional aesthetic, then these handles will be the first to grab your attention. They are very elegant and have an old-school comfort about them.

Modern Designs:

Care for minimal decor? If you want simple, elegant, and classy, then modern designs are what you should get. They are low maintenance and quite timeless.

Combination Designs:

If you are on the cusp of the traditional and the modern mindset, then these combination designs will impress you the most.

3. Materials

Materials tell us everything about the longevity and the changes in appearance that the hardware will sustain over time. 

Solid Brass:

Brass can be shaped into fine details. So many traditional cabinet pulls are made with solid brass, which consists of a combination of some alloys and the metal zinc. The final result is that they are resistant, hard, and they don’t cling on to dust. 


Bronze is strong and durable. These are also mostly used to make antique pulls because of their color and also because they age elegantly and look better as time goes by.

Stainless Steel:

These are the most popular choice for cabinet pulls because they don’t rust, they look good and are also cheaper than the two materials above. They are most often used to make modern, or combination-style cabinet pulls because of their clean and minimalistic appearance.

4. Finishes

It is important to buy hardware that has a matching polish or finish on them as the rest of the decor in the room.

Polished Brass:

Go for this kind of finish if you want gold and shiny tones in the house to oomph up your interior. This type of finish has a sort of modern elegance about it that is mixed in with slightly traditional undertones. Overall, it will add a bit of classical appeal to the room.

Antique Brass:

If you want golden undertones to your cabinet pulls, but without the shine, then this will be a better option for you than the polished brass finish.

Chrome Finish:

This will shine and, at the same time, make everything look neat and clean. The chrome finish is perfect for modern homes that are never going to go out of fashion. Most people prefer this finish because they are easy to clean.

Brushed Nickel Finish:

This has a silvery tone, and it’s not that shiny. If you want a matte finish, then you’ll prefer these cabinet pulls.

But keep in mind that this finish is quite accepting of dust and will hold on to it if you don’t clean it regularly every other day.

Nickel finishes tarnish over time to form a milky white overtone, so if you don’t want that, then stay away from nickel.

Polished Nickel Finish:

This finish has a shiny warmth about itself. If you have a modern and elegant home, then this will quite suit your style. But remember that the problem of tarnishing comes with this finish as well. So, again. Choose wisely.

5. Cost

This is, of course, an important factor for all purchases. We would advise you to not be stingy in this case. Cabinet pulls are quite a permanent part of the decor. No one should have to waste time and money to replace such a tiny part of the house.

It’s smarter to get a moderately priced cabinet pull that has top-notch quality than to get a cheap one that will wear out and become an unnecessary hassle for you.

So, go top-end if you can afford it, otherwise, stay on the mid-range cabinet pulls but go no lower than that.

To determine whether the cabinet pull is worth the price, study its material, finish, and construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I use the same size of pulls for all my cabinets?

Yes, that would certainly look better overall than having cabinet pulls of varying sizes around the house.

2. Should I install pulls on both the cabinet drawers and the doors?

Cabinet pulls are more suited to drawers, and for doors, it is better to use knobs.

3. How are pulls measured for cabinets?

Cabinet pulls are most commonly measured center to center. That is the distance from one screw hole to the other.

4. Should I drill the cabinets before getting the pulls?

No, get the cabinet pulls first. Take their measurement first and then drill holes based on those measurements.

5. Can I replace my cabinet pulls if I don’t like them after installation?

Of course, but they have to be of the same size. Otherwise, you’ll be left with extra drill holes on your cabinets, and that will ruin their appearance.


Cabinet pulls are the invisible best friends that you never appreciate enough before they’re gone. It is a pesky problem to work with cabinet pulls that are uncomfortable, so make sure that you find the best cabinet pulls for yourself in terms of usability, material, and appearance.

These tiny details will make your house so much more elegant! Hope you find perfect ones for your decor. Best of luck.