How to Drill Out a Storage Cylinder Lock? 4 Simplest Ways

Want to drill out a storage cylinder lock as some of your important stuff is locked inside? But do you know how to drill out a storage cylinder or what kind of drill bits you need?

Only a few steps are enough to regain access if you follow them properly. 

First, check whether your lock has a hardened steel-made center pin or not. If not, then make a bent-over keyhole with the center punch and hammer. Then start drilling with a ⅛” drill bit and gradually thicker. Finally, insert the screwdriver and twist clockwise, and the job’s done. 

In this article, we have arranged all the necessary steps, important tips, and warnings to safely drill out the storage cylinder lock. Follow them with safety.

How to drill out a storage cylinder lock

Tools We Need for How to Drill Out a Storage Cylinder Lock?

You may find people asking how to break a storage cylinder or how to drill out a storage cylinder lock, or else, but the answer always remains the same. You’ll need the same tools, strategies, and even tips with a warning; just the question is different. 

Tools We Need

Below, we’ve listed all the tools necessary for breaking the lock. They’re: 

Tools you need to drill out the storage cylinder lock
  • Drill machine.
  • Drill bits of different thicknesses.
  • Center punch.
  • Hammer.
  • Flat-head screwdriver.
  • Needle Nose Plier

Wait, that’s not all; you must gather your safety measurements before acquiring them or afterward. As professionals, we don’t prescribe our customers/followers work without safety.

Steps on How to Drill Out a Storage Cylinder Lock?


Before starting, you need to check the door mechanism first, whether you can drill open it or not. Some tubular locks come with a ball bearing in the middle pin, which is drill-effective. Again some have hardened steel made center pin and ineffective to drill.

Hope you have disarmed your security alarm, if there’s any, so that your neighbors don’t panic. 

Steps to drill out the storage cylinder lock

Center Punch & First Drill

Grab your center punch, a point above the keyhole, and hammer a few times. It will make a little bend and will benefit on the first drill. Afterward, set the ⅛” drill bit on your drill machine and run on the guidance point. 

Forward Drilling

The most lock comes with 5 tumbler pin set. So at the time of drilling, you will feel some resistance as you go deeper and break each pin. No need to rush; take your time. Here some synthetic oil or lubricant can add some extra comfort to drilling.

You have to use 3 different types of drill bits ( 1/8″, 1/4″, and 11/32″) throughout the whole process. As you drill through, you’ll need more thick drill bit than earlier.


Now insert the flat head screwdriver inside the lock head and twist it clockwise. If your drilling goes perfectly, then, the lock mechanism will work, and you’ll get access. Otherwise, you will need to rip apart the whole lock setup.

For that, you’ll need a drill bit of ¾” thickness and drill through the entire area. Within some minutes, the whole mechanism will be off. Then pull them off with the needle nose pliers.

How to drill out a storage cylinder lock - final touch

Speaking of storage cylinder locks, if you have any confusion about how to drill out a deadbolt or how to install a keyless entry door lock? Well, we have some good articles, you may like them.


  1. Don’t try to touch the drill bit while drilling or afterward, as both can damage your fingers, even your hand.
  2. Don’t skip the safety goggles and mask, as some of the thrown metal fillings can affect your eyes and even lungs through the nasal path. 

All the steps with tools and tips we’ve described so far are only for acquiring your locked staff. If anyone uses them for illegal purposes and causes damage, then we won’t be held responsible.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Drill a Hole in a Lock?

First, make a bend with a center punch just above the keyhole. Then start drilling with a ⅛” drill bit and gradually increase the thickness. On average, 3 drill bits of 1/8″, 1/4″, and 11/32″ thickness are enough to make the hole. If you need to disassemble the lock, use a 3mm drill bit. 

How to Remove the Lock Cylinder From Core?

Insert the core key inside the core and push down the remaining pin with a screwdriver. Next, rotate the key 10°, separating the cylinder from the lock covering. Afterward, remove the key and the cylinder slowly. 

How Do I Open a Lock Without a Key?

Opening the lock with a small screwdriver is the fastest way so far. You can apply this method, especially from the inside. You’ll need to follow different strategies depending on your door lock type. With and without visible screws are the major door lock types.

Wrapping Up

The locking mechanism always provides us some relief and, of course, safety. Suppose some of your important stuff gets stuck inside the storage locker. You don’t want to face that, even imagine.  

Above sections, we have tried to describe the simplest way how to drill out a storage cylinder lock. The whole process requires serious attention. So if you have any issues with concentration, we recommend contacting professionals.