5 Steps on How to Remove Drawers From Lateral Filing Cabinet | Easy And Safe Guidelines

Removing drawers from filing cabinets sometimes can be a real hassle. But you can do it effectively and get rid of it. All you need to know is how to remove drawers from lateral filing cabinet.  

You can remove drawers following 5 steps only. All you need to do is empty the drawers and then find out the lock mechanism. Just remove it and gently pull out the drawers from the cabinet

These simple steps are quite easy and kill no time. But without knowing the proper ways to do them can be troublesome. Let’s stick with us to know all the details of removing simply. 

Steps On How To Remove Drawers From Lateral Filing Cabinet

What Are The Different Types Of Removing Filing Cabinet Drawers? 

To remove drawers, you need to know how the drawers are hooked to your filing cabinet’s body. Then you can easily remove the drawers. Here are 4 types of removal methods that can be useful for your removal process.  

Different Types of Drawer Removing

Friction Disconnecting Method

In this method, you need to pull the drawers out. So that the slides will get detached from the drawers. Be careful about the resistance at the end of the slide. It safeguards the drawers from accidental falls. 

Lever Disconnecting Method 

In this method, drawers are connected with the cabinets using a lever. The process is like up and down motion. And the lever is loaded with a spring. You can easily remove the drawers by the lever mechanism. 

Latch Pushing Removal Method 

Here you will find a button around the drawer. That usually works as a trigger for the latch. Once you push the button, it will trigger the latch and the drawer will be disconnected from the slide. 

Rail Disconnecting Method 

In this method, you need to detach the drawer from the rail. Rail can be latch type or without the latch. Most display case cabinets use this method in their drawers. All you need to do is detach the rails from the drawer on both sides.

Check out the video here to see the full demonstration of removing drawers: 

What Is the Best for Removing the Cabinet Drawers? 

Cabinet drawers can be of different sizes and shapes based on their structure. They can use different mechanisms and smart ways to attach and detach the drawers for moving or troubleshooting. In most cases, ball bearing drawer slides are the best. Find out how to install ball bearing drawer slides

How To Install Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

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How You Can Remove Drawers From Lateral Filing Cabinet Easy & Safe Way

There are several ways to remove drawers from the filing cabinet. Modern filing cabinets use smart ways and mechanisms to remove. But how to remove old filing cabinet drawers? Don’t worry, follow these 5 steps to remove drawers from any filing cabinet. 

Empty The Drawers

First, you have to remove everything from the drawer to make it empty. Move your documents and files carefully. As long as you empty the drawer, it will be light in weight. Then it will be easy to remove it from the cabinet. Also, you need to remove the rail bars and handles from the drawer slide. 

Removing Drawers From Lateral Filing Cabinet - 5 Steps

Find The Block And Rope Assembly

In the second step, you have to extend the top drawer. Then find out the block and rope assembly. Use a screwdriver and remove the inside screws of the drawer. Then you can easily separate the drawers from the lock. 

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Detach The Lock Mechanism 

After that, you need to remove the lock mechanism from the cabinet. Sometimes it is attached with additional screws for safety. Then simply pull out the drawers from the cabinet. There can be plastic tabs on both sides of the drawer. Remove the tabs as well by lifting them. 

If there are no plastic tabs then maybe you need to apply the push and pull technique to remove the drawers.

Remove The Top Drawer First

You need to start removing the top drawer first. Once you can successfully remove the first one, you will be able to remove the others easily. Otherwise, it will be tough to remove the drawers from the cabinet. 

Gently Remove The Other Drawer 

Most filing cabinets use the top lock mechanism. After removing the top one, you can gently remove the bottom drawers without any pressure. You just need to lose the screws out from the side rails to detach them from the cabinet. 

Final Note

Some filing cabinets are very simple and you can easily remove drawers only by pulling. At the same time, many filing cabinets may need complex approaches to remove. Therefore you need to identify which technique or approaches you should apply to your filing cabinet. 

When you know how to remove drawers from lateral filing cabinets, you will be able to accomplish the task more efficiently.

However, we always recommend you follow the steps by safeguarding yourself. An accidental fall on a heavyweight filing cabinet can cause injury and damage.