How to Fix Metal Drawer Slides? | 6 Easy and efficient Steps

Having problems with metal drawer slides is a common issue. It won’t be possible for you to open and shut the drawer without friction. As a result, metal drawers may get a sliding issue. 

The presence of moving parts expands a cabinet’s capacity to break down. Depending on the severity of the damage, metal cabinet slides can be repaired. 

How to fix metal drawer slides

So, How to fix metal drawer slides when they get stuck or do not work properly? 

The following steps may resolve the problem. You should remove the drawers, use soap in the drawer slides, tighten up the screws, replace the broken slides, fit the roller back, and finally slide the drawer back. 

So, let’s describe the entire process step by step below in the post. 

Things That Will Be Needed

Things you need to fix metal drawer slides
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • Utility knife
  • Pliers
  • Kitchen cleaner spray
  • Clean cloth
  • Spray lubricant

How to Fix Metal Drawer Slides?: Step By Step Process

Steps on fixing metal drawer slides

Remove Items and Drawer

Anything you need from the drawer should be taken out and stored. After that, the drawer should be fully opened to reveal the drawer slides. Eliminating it from the cabinet is often made simple by taking the drawer off the track and carefully fumbling about.

Use Soap on Drawer Slides

If everything else is functioning as it should and your metal drawer slides are sticking rather than moving, you may be able to fix the problem using a straight bar of soap.

Tighten the Screw and Apply Glue

Because the screws are shaky, your drawer could not be sliding. In any event, check to see if any mounting screws on the bureau and drawer tracks need to be tightened with a screwdriver. Taking into account that at least one mounting screw has gone loose due to the stripped aperture in the wood. Remove the extra mounting screws, pull the cabinet sliding far away, and replace the damaged area.

Replace Broken or Worn Out Slides

If your current slides are worn out, damaged, or otherwise unusable, you should acquire new ones. Your drawers may be falling out as a result of faulty or outdated drawer hardware.

However, this is a simple problem to solve—all you need to do is buy something with the same model, manufacturer, and length. You won’t likely harm your cabinet’s slides, so you’ll simply only need to swap out the slides in your cabinet.

Product recommendation

Getting broken or damaged slides are always a hassle. I would recommend you to have some heavy-duty drawer slides. You may check out Liberty Hardware 941405 Soft-Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slide for great performance with durability. 

Fit the Roller Back

With two hands, support the drawer. By rotating the front portion of the pull-out by 30 degrees, locate the little holes on the left and right halves of the dresser sprinters. On the metal slide closures, there were little rollers that could be noticed. Carefully install bottom mount drawer slides

Slide the Drawer Back

The pull-out should slant back toward the slides to fit within the dresser’s gaps. The back of the cabinet should be assisted so that it is level with the furniture slides. If the rollers don’t fit, carefully move the pull-out until the dresser’s track-drawn rollers are set, then slip it in.

Like metal drawer slides, wooden drawer slides also can be stuck or get issue. To fix up the hassles, you might check out our guide on how to fix wooden drawer slides

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Fix a Sticky Metal Drawer Slide?

Take out the drawer, and clean the area you’re getting ready to lubricate using a moist cloth. Spritz the runners with lubrication. Remove any extra lubricant; reposition the drawer’s runners.

How Do You Fix a Drawer That Keeps Falling off Track?

To access the tracks, remove the drawer from its dresser holder. Make sure the tracks are mounted properly. Check the tracks for any damaged areas. Make sure the tracks are placed correctly. Look for stripped-out screw holes in places where the screws are not tightly installed.

How Do You Fix a Metal Ball Bearing Drawer Slide?

Open the drawer and remove all of the contents before pulling it out of the recess and straightening any kinks or bends in the drawer slides. Next, moisten a microfiber cloth with mineral oil and massage it over the ball bearings and slides before reinstalling the drawer.

Bottom Line

Opening your cabinet or cabinet’s drawers might very well be dangerous and annoying. It’s crucial to install a stop block and repair or replace the metal edges in order to stop your drawers from falling out. To remedy falling slides, you may also repair the screws or the falling slides, by following the mentioned ways in this post. 

That is how you do how to fix metal drawer slides.