How to Remove Drawer with Full Extension Slides Safely?

One out of many reasons can be your case for thinking about removing that drawer. And depending on what type of slide it includes the method of drawer removal is going to vary. It’s not always the same slide-and-bring-it-out way.

So, your concern and search for the best way on how to remove a drawer with full extension slides are legit.

How to Remove Drawer with Full Extension Slides Safely

How to Remove Drawer with Full Extension Slides- Two General Method.

Below I’ll be talking about the entire thing from various points of view. You can apply the one that feels best for your drawer removal circumstances. Here I Go…

Method 1: For Free-rolling Drawers.

Pulling the Drawer as Far Out as It Goes.

The first step is standing right in front of drawer. Then you need to hold knob or handle available on the front panel. Start sliding it upwards by pulling. Do this until the drawer stops on its own. If there’s no stopper used then it should come out right away. However, if there is resistance, then move around it a bit. And then this should work to free it. Keep in Mind:

  • There should be a small raised mechanism on the front that works as a stopper for free-rolling drawer types. These are meant to avoid the drawer from falling out.
  • There should be sufficient space between you and the drawer before extending it out.
  • There can be sticking points available within wood glide even without a stopper. So, you should look out for the hindrance and give the drawer a good tug. This will help it come past that obstruction point.

Tilting Drawer Towards Down.

You want to make back end of the drawers lift slightly. For this simply apply push force on both sides of the drawer. This will enable making lips or wheels on the back edge to raise a bit higher. And this should raise beyond the front track’s stopper.

This will eventually make rest of the inserted drawer come out easily by pulling. Here also you’ll need to apply some jostling and rocking motion. So that the wheels get free from tracking. Just don’t be too rough. Or else the attached hardware might get damaged.

Let It Come Out.

As soon as wheel or back edge crosses stopper, rest of the process is super simple. You just need to carefully slide the drawer to come off its track. And eventually, it will come out of the furniture’s opening. Let it rest on a flat and stable surface. And in meanwhile, you can use exact same process for rest of the drawers.

Method 2: For Drawers with Levers.

Check for the Track Levers.

First, you’ll need to look at the outer walls to identify track levers. There should be a lever on both sides of the drawer. This is right on the track’s center. It could be slightly curved or evenly straight. These play a role of not letting the drawer to come out as long as they are engaged.

While opening door, you should not get your fingers caught between the overlapping tracks. So be careful. Usually in 12-inch drawers, you are likely to discover full extension slide tracks. These come with straight tabs usually.

Same Pressure on Both Levers.

Now you will use your thumb or forefinger to apply pressing force on both levers at the same time. Use your remaining fingers to give the drawer some support. In the meanwhile, you will disengage levers using thumb or forefinger.

This is the best way to ensure that drawers won’t drop down or come off tracks suddenly. Certain drawer’s configuration might need you to pull up instead of pushing down. But this case is pretty rare.

Let the Drawer Come Out.

While you hold levers down with your hands, try to pull out the drawer in a straight manner. It should gradually keep sliding towards you. Also, you will keep both levers disengage constantly while doing so. As soon as it reaches the track’s endpoint, lift it straight out. You can keep it aside and work for the other drawers using same method.

In some furniture, you may find that metal retainer tracks are still extending. Even after the drawer is completely free. You want to make sure that the tracks are pushed back for your own safety.

Wrap Up.

And on that note, we are by the end of today’s discussion on how to remove a drawer with full extension slides.Hopefully at least one out of these two methods will work for you. While working on removing the drawers, don’t be too forceful or aggressive with it. You don’t want to accidentally break o damage any part of the drawer slide.

Because if that happens, you may have to go for an unexpected replacement later on. So, take It Slow & Give It a Go, Best of Luck!