A Complete Guideline on How to Center Drawer Pulls

How to center drawer pulls is a common question to many especially when you are new to carpentry. To sort out your confusion, I’ve prepared a step-by-step guideline for you to follow. 

In short, you have to draw a few lines and discover the center to fix the drawer pull in the right place. You will require a ruler, a marker pen, a compass, a drill, and drawer pulls for the entire process. 

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A complete guideline on how to center drawer pulls

Different Types of Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls have the power to completely alter the appearance of your furniture. Choose a sustainable drawer pull with amazing aesthetics to give your furniture a truly attractive appearance. 

You will find different types of them, some are basic, some fancy. For example, knobs, bar pulls, bail pulls, etc. So you will need to learn to center different types of drawer pulls. 

Knob Style Drawer Pull

The knob-styled drawer pulls are the simplest form of drawer pull in terms of installation. You may put them in the center with a single screw and pull the drawer out whenever you want. It can have a variety of forms and patterns. 

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Bar Pulls 

Measuring the center gets complex when you are using a two-headed drawer pull. Centering the drawer pull disproportionately will make your furniture look unflattering. 

Methods on How to Center Knob-Style Drawer Pull 

Steps on centering drawer pulls

You can follow several ways to find the center for the knob. 

Take a ruler and place it across the surface of the drawer from one corner to another diagonally and draw a line following that. Repeat the same process from the opposite corners and draw another line. 

The intersect point of the two diagonal lines is our desired center where you need to carefully drill a hole to set the knob on. Place the knob on the measured center and drive a screw into it from the backside surface hole of the drawer. Make sure that it is screwed strongly. 

Another easier technique many prefer is as follows:

Firstly, You will require strings of tape for this. Two long strings should work fine. Place one from the top left corner to the bottom right corner diagonally. 

Follow the same technique for placing it from the top right corner to the bottom left. Drill a hole on the intersect point, that is your desired center. 

How Do You Center Pull Handle on Drawers?

As I have mentioned before, it is easy to determine the center for knobs, but it is tricky when the question is how to center drawer pulls on handles. But I will explain it to you in the simplest terms. 


You have to draw two diagonal lines like the previous instructions and draw a long horizontal one from the center. 

Now you will need a compass. Set the compass according to the distance between the last and midpoints of the handle. Place the compass in the center and draw a circle. 

The points where the circle touched the horizontal line, are where you drill holes for screwing the handle. 

Check out this quick demonstration video for understanding how to center drawer pulls better. 


How Do You Center Two Drawer Pulls?

You can install double drawer pulls for easily pulling out the drawers. I’ll give you a brief explanation. The quickest method is to use a marker pen to divide the drawer into two identically sized sections. And then take the aforementioned steps one by one. And voila! You are done!

Where Do You Center Cabinet Pulls?

Cabinet pulls should never be centered horizontally as typical drawer pulls; they should always be centered vertically.

It is advantageous if the cabinet pulls are centered below and within reach, if the cabinet is positioned above your height. Additionally, it is advisable to center the pull a little bit above if they are placed at a lower height than you. 

However, while centering cabinet pulls, keep a distance of two to three inches from the door corners. 

Final Note

Be it a kitchen cabinet or furniture around your house, detailing is the most important when it comes to decoration and usability. I hope this blog post has helped you better understand how to center drawer pulls for knobs, handles to double drawer pulls, and cabinet pulls.