How to Install Strap Hinges on a Chest? Easy Way

Hinges are one of the most common parts of wooden furniture we use today. Comes with lots of varieties to facilitate our living but hardly gets the credit. Now you may want to give the credit by installing strap hinges on the chest. But do you know how to install strap hinges on a chest?

How to install strap hinge on a chest

Just a few steps are enough to complete the task within a short time. First, bend the wide part of the hinge at 90° with a metal bender, then cut the top edge at the frame’s width. Then fit the bent part on the cut edge and nail in or screw and repeat the process for the lid portion. 

In the following section, we’ll try to include all the necessary information along with alternative sources to install a strap hinge on a chest. 

How to Install Strap Hinges on a Chest? The Procedure 

Before continuing, you may feel curious to know some of the popular hinge types used on wooden furniture. They’re:

  • Strap Hinges.
  • Butt Hinges.
  • Rising Butt Hinges.
  • Offset Hinges.
  • Spring Loaded Butt Hinges.
  • Concealed Hinges.
  • Overlay Hinges.
  • Piano Hinges.

Among the varieties, one of our favorite types is the strap hinge. A set of narrow, bold metal frames that connects various furniture like wooden doors, windows, chests, etc.

Do you know how to put a strap on a box or where do you put the hinge on a strap? In the following section, we’ll explain the installation process step by step.

Required Elements

Different types of hinges you can use

To complete the task we’ll need elements; they’re

  • Metal Bender
  • Drill Machine.
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver 
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Chisel 
  • Tape  

Besides these, you may need some sandpaper or scrubber to remove rust if there’s any in the hinge.

Installation Procedures

Before we start, let’s divide the furniture into two sections, the lid and the body section. Normally strap hinges are flat in shape but for your chest, we’ve to bend it at a 90° angle. For bending, you can use a metal bender, adding a V-block can ease the task. 

Installation process of strap hinges on a chest

Before bending kindly measure carefully so that you don’t need to repeat the whole process or repent later. Later hold the bent part of the hinge set on the top edge of the body and the narrow part on the outside of the lid portion. It’ll help to define whether you’re doing wrong or not.

In this phase, you’ll need a chisel to cut some wood to fit the frame and close the chest completely. To measure the width of the hinge you can follow some of the steps from cabinet door hinge placement.  

After cutting off the top edge of the body at the frame’s width set the bent portion and nail in. Here you can either use hinge nail or screws. Though both are a good fit, the hinge nail will require an extra piece of wood. 

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Again for screws, you will need to drill some holes and then fit them with a screwdriver. Now repeat the same process for the lid portion. This way add another one or two strap hinges on the chest according to its length. And your chest is all set.

Speaking of chest hinges, if you feel it necessary to adjust Amerock cabinet hinges, we have a good tutorial for that. You’ll find it helpful. 

Product Recommendation

We can recommend one metal bender model we’ve worked with a few times. Through it, you can rotate at 360 degrees and, bend almost any metal frame or piece. One of the strongest and multi-purpose bending machines you can expect within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Purpose of Strap Hinges?

Strap hinges perfectly secure both parts of the subjects they’re attached to, using the least amount of space. Their comparatively narrow + metal architecture allows them to operate perfectly issue-free. And that’s the purpose.

Besides, for its routine service, minimal lubrication like grease or vaseline is enough. 

Do Strap Hinges Swing Both Ways?

Among the variety of hinges with different functionalities some swing in both in & out ways. This means not all the hinge models we see in the hardware store swing in both ways, though they’re categorically common.

Wrapping Up

So far we’ve tried to learn how to install strap hinges on a chest in the simplest way. You’ll find so many options before purchasing the strap hinges, just consider the thickness of the hinge with the connecting bolt. This way you may not buy the best-fit strap hinge for your chest but close to perfect ones. 

Last but not least, never compromise with safety measurements as it’s equally important as quality.