Most Reliable Tips on How to Fix Cabinet Door Ripped off Hinges

Are you trying to fix a ripped-off hinge? It can be a bothersome experience. But do not worry for anyone can fix ripped-off hinges on cabinet doors by following the proper steps. And I am here to walk you through detailed tips on how to fix cabinet door ripped off hinges

how to fix cabinet door ripped off hinges

A Cabinet door ripped-off hinge is a very common situation due to numerous times opening and closing of doors. And luckily it is possible to revert it to the same condition. And it is not even hard. 

Are you thinking about how to do it? 

To cut a long story short, by gathering your supplies; a few tools like a screwdriver, wood fillers, and hinges, you can fix and set up your cabinet door like new by following some simple techniques.

How to Fix Cabinet Door Ripped off Hinges

cabinet door ripped-off hinges fixing

Here is what you will need to do to fix a cabinet door that has been ripped off its hinges:

1. Remove the door from the cabinet.

2. Remove the hinge from the door.

3. Attach the hinge to the door using screws.

4. Reattach the door to the cabinet.

There are several techniques to repair ripped-off hinges on a cabinet door. I will demonstrate them one by one so keep reading. 

First Technique: Glue Technique

The easiest one is the glue technique. Remove if any parts of the ripped-off hinge are still intact with the cabinet. To remove the hinge, slowly take out the screws that are holding it in. Now that you have a clean surface, use the glue to fill in the holes in the cabinet. 

Place the hinge in the previous position. It is now time to drive the screws in. Once in, let it dry. You can use scotch tape to hold it still while they dry. 

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Thinking about the strongest glue? WEICON Epoxy Minute Adhesive 0.8 Oz would be ideal for clear epoxy adhesive. 

To get a clearer understanding, you can watch the video below.  

Second Technique: Wood Filler

In this method, we are using wood fillers to get the job done. Just like before, you will need to remove any parts of the hinge attached to the cabinet door. Apply the wood filler cautiously over the holes with a putty knife to give it an even surface. 

Now let the filler dry. Once dried, you may use sandpaper to buff out the filler for a more even-looking surface. You can use matching paint over it. 

Now drill the required amount of holes in the fixed surface. Next, you will place the hinge drive the screws in the cabinet. And your ripped-off hinge is repaired! 

How Do You Reattach a Door to Cabinet Hinges?

So far you have seen how to fix the hinge on the door frame. But what about attaching the door? To reattach the door, place it back on the hinges. 

How To Reattach a Door to Cabinet Hinges

Slide the pins into the center of each hinge. You can hammer down the pin if it is needed. If you have followed all steps to this instruction, congratulations! You have a successfully fixed cabinet door ripped off hinges and reattached the door to it. 

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How Do You Fix a Stripped Screw Hole in A Cabinet Hinge?

A stripped screw hole is when the screw hole is bigger than the screw itself which makes the cabinet door lose. Click if you want to know more about how to tighten door hinges.

If your cabinet hinge has a stripped screw hole, you can fix it with the help of something as simple as toothpicks. Take a few toothpicks and glue them together in a bundle. Glue it inside the stripped hole.

This works as an alternative to wood. Now you can drill new holes and drive the screws in. Voila! The cabinet is as good as new.

Final Words

One may ask how to fix cabinet door ripped off hinges, and think of it as a very complex task. But in actuality, it is quite simple to fix ripped-off hinges at home without requiring a lot of carpentry knowledge.

By following the methods mentioned in this blog, one saves not only money, but also the time and effort that would have been required to hire someone.