How to Open Pella Hinged Glass Panel Explained | 4 Easy Steps

Pella hinged glass panels are strikingly beautiful and can change the whole look of your house, restaurant, or office. You may need to know how to open Pella hinged glass panel for cleaning or other purposes. 

Hinged Glass Panel in Doors and Windows

Confused about how to do it without causing any damage to the product? Worry not! Because I have broken down the entire process bit by bit for you.

In just four simple and easy steps you can remove it. They are— raising the blind, sliding the latch release, unhooking the restrictor, and removing the panel.

Let’s elaborately describe the things to understand the process entirely. 

What is a Hinged Glass Panel

The use of hinged glass panel in doors or windows make the interior or exterior design stand out. These sheets of glass help pass sunlight into the room. 

Anatomy of a Pella Hinged Glass Panel

But like any other doors or windows, you will require giving them a thorough cleansing from time to time. And for that, you may need to take the glass panel out of the door or window. 

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Structure of a Pella Hinged Glass Panel 

Before we get to how to open Pella hinged glass door, you have to understand its anatomy. The glass panel will have the following parts that we will be dealing with in the removal process– restrictor cord, latch, latch releaser, Hinges, Hinge bearing plate, etc.

The glass panel removal process is complex because panels are instilled in a very secure way to prevent falling. However, I will help you with guidelines for an easy removal process. 

Step by Step Instructions on How to Open Pella Hinged Glass Panel

Pella Hinged Glass Panel Removal

Raise the Blinds

In order to slide the releaser properly, you have to first raise the blinds. 

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Slide the Latch Release 

To open the Pella hinged glass panel, you must first locate the little box-shaped latch releaser on both sides of the hinged glass panel. 

There may be more than one latch releaser because the glass panel comes in different sizes. And you need more releasers for bigger ones. 

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Releasers may come in with or without holes. You will need to insert a small screwdriver in the opening hole of a releaser to release the latch. Releasers without an opening hole are easily holdable in a pinch.

The sliding technique helps release the latch for releasers without a hole in it. So slide the releasers up and down until you feel some resistance, indicating latch release. 

Unhook the Restrictor 

Once all the latches are released, you can easily take off the panel. A restrictor at the top is hooked with the glass panel to limit the movement of the panel. 

You have to unhook the restrictor in order to remove the panel. But be careful while unhooking the restrictor because it may fall otherwise. Support the glass panel by holding it with one hand as you unhook the restrictor with the other. 

Remove the Hinged Glass Panel

After unhooking, hold the panel with both hands and take it off by tilting it slightly downwards. 

For a visual demonstration, you may want to watch this tutorial video

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How to Re-attach Pella Hinged Glass Panel 

You now know the process for opening a Pella hinged glass panel. But how do you put it back? Here’s how you can do it. 

Look for a hinge glass panel locking lugs in the sash. Hold the panel right above them at a 5-degree angle.  Now place the panel on top of the locking lugs. 

Tilt the glass panel at an approximately 30-degree angle. You should be able to hear a click sound indicating its attachment to the locking lungs.

Now, you are able to fix the panel into the hinges and hook the restrictor.

How to Add Blinds in Pella Hinged Glass Panel?

Firstly, you will have to release the latches. Make sure you have held the panel so it doesn’t fall off and break. 

Unhook the restrictor and carefully remove the panel like before. Now, attach the blind to the panel by snapping in. 

Put the glass panel back to its previous place and tilt it down until you hear the crack. Go to the top portion and re-attach the restrictor. 

Now,  carefully press on the sides of the Pella hinged glass panel to capture it in the hinges. 


Glass panels in doors and windows are instilled in a secured method, so people face confusion opening them. Yes, it is tricky but not impossible. So how to open Pella hinged glass panel?

The guidelines in this blog are easy to read and understand. Thus you can simply open a Pella hinged glass panel without needing to read the manual.