The Exact 5 Ways on How to Remove Corbin Mortise Lock

Corbin Mortise locks are most typically seen in older residences and commercial settings. There are various varieties, but they all generally operate the same.

The usage of mortise locks might well have declined over the last years, yet they remain a frequent option to safeguard property. Nonetheless, the majority of folks favor the current cylindrical kind of lockset.

How to Remove Corbin Mortise Lock

A cylindrical lock assembly may be used to remove a Corbin mortise lock. Initially, you will need to remove the old mortise lock, and then you may install the cylindrical lockset.

There are various reasons why learning how to remove a Corbin mortise door lock could be helpful. You may be worried someone besides a member of your family has the key to the safe. 

There is no reason why you should not have some reservations about the security of your house after this understanding. This guide should help on How to Remove Corbin Mortise Lock.

Corbin Mortise Lock

A residential or business Corbin mortise lock requires removing a pocket, or mortise, from the door. So How do you remove old Corbin mortise locks?

Corbin Mortise Lock Requires Removing a Pocket, or Mortise, From the Door

Mortise lock assemblies typically include the following components: The part of a lock is installed into a pre-drilled hole in a door. 

You may choose a lock trim from the various lever, handle set, and pull design options. A strike plate reinforces the holes drilled in the door frame to allow the latch or lock.

A keyed cylinder controls the locking and unlocking operations of the lock body.

Product Recommendation

Corbin Russwin Grade 1 mortise locks are solid and versatile enough for industrial, municipal, industrial, and government uses.

Before You Take The Corbin Mortise Lock

You can only use one of the following techniques if you know which category the lock belongs to. Your door is protected by a knob or cylinder lock if you did not spend much money on it. It is possible to have both for a reasonable price.

If you paid extra for the locks while constructing your house, you know how to remove a mortise lock cylinder. They are relatively widespread but have recently gone out of style.

Removing a Mortise Lock

Mortise locks need a pocket to be carved into the door, thus the name “mortise” This pouch protects the lock, making it a much more reliable way to safeguard your belongings.

Tools Needed

Removing a Corbin mortise lock requires:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • A hammer
  • Flat-head screwdriver

Step 1: Remove the set screw

The shank of the inner knob will hold this screw.

Step 2: Remove door handles

5 Steps remove corbin mortise lock

The spindle is used to attach the door handles to each other. Remove the screws, not simply pull them out.

Step 3: Pull the rose plates

Remove the exterior doorknob rose plate by unscrewing it with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 4: Faceplate off

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the mortise lock’s top and bottom screws from the faceplate.

Step 5: Remove the Corbin Mortise Lock

Begin by grabbing the latch bolt with your hands or plyers, and then begin to draw the mortise lockout. After a few firm tugs, it should come out.

Get a flat-head screwdriver and pry the mortise lockout if it can not be removed easily. The screwdriver should be inserted into the hole in which the spindle had been. When inserting the screwdriver into the hole, it should fit snugly. The best way to hit is to use a hammer.

You have just learned how to remove a knob lock, a cylinder lock, and a mortise lock from your house in three easy stages. Every homeowner should have this fundamental DIY skill under their belt, particularly if they ever need to repair or rekey a lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Remove a Mortise Lock Cylinder?

You will need to remove the old mortise lock, and then you may install the cylindrical lockset.

Final Words

The query “How to Remove a Corbin Mortise Lock” is consistently one of the most popular inquiries.

Removing current door locks may be necessary if you move into a new property, have your home burglarized, or have a new roommate move in with you. Most people make it seem much more complicated, and the procedure may be finished in a few minutes rather than hours. 

If you just follow the steps that were just presented to you, you should be OK.

How to remove Corbin mortise lock Preparation and rigorous adherence to the method are required when replacing a mortise lock with a cylindrical lock. Always remember that safety is crucial not just when installing locks but also when maintaining them.