Is it worth it to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

People these days don’t like to enjoy the same interior for a long period. Let’s face it- we go to our kitchen more than our bedrooms.

And this might tell you that you need to see something new in your kitchen now! So, are you planning to change the color of the wall or replace the whole cabinet set?

Well, in case you want changes, we will vouch for refacing. But is it worth it to reface kitchen cabinets or you should replace or refinish them? We have listed the procedure along with the cost here- trust u; it’s on you!

Is it worth it to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

Pros and Cons of Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

To learn if refacing kitchen cabinets is worth the hype, you must know about the positive aspects of refacing. Also, if you don’t know about the cons, you might end up regretting them later.

So, we have listed down the pros along with the drawbacks of this method. Take a look at them and then you are free to decide if you are getting this or not!

The Pros of Refacing the Kitchen Cabinets

First, we wish for the best and then we prepare for the worst- well, first, let’s talk about the pros.


The best thing to consider when it comes to you enjoying the appearance of the kitchen cabinets is the outlook. And if you are considering refacing as an option, you will get to choose between so many style options.

Along with this, you are free to choose between laminates and natural woods. So, you can settle for a traditional kitchen outlook or you can pick up a modern style too!  

The Layout

At times, the layout of the kitchen is just what you want. In the case of refacing, it gets easier for you to keep it. All you need is to change the outer part to make it trendier and go with the other equipment in the kitchen.

Instead of that, you don’t need to change the layout if it fits you. If you settle for replacing it, there’s a chance that you have to change the whole cabinet thing and the layout will be changed accordingly!


In the refacing job, all you are doing is changing the front parts of the cabinet. No matter it’s the drawers’ fronts or the cabinet doors- all you need is to replace the front part. This helps in changing the whole outlook of the cabinet.

But at the same time, if you compare refacing with replacing, replacing the cabinet sounds quite expensive. In the replacing job, you will need to change the interior of the cabinets. So, the expense will be thrice or more if you plan on replacing it.

In this case, refacing is going to give you that perfect exterior without even changing the interior. Eventually, it saves your wallet!

Cons of Refacing the Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking that refacing is all pretty and everything, you are wrong. There are also cons to this process. Let’s not forget them before you pay for them.

Design of the Interior

The process only includes changes on the exterior and not the interior. So, if your pan is to change the interior or to redesign it, it won’t be possible with refacing. In that case, you might need to replace the whole thing.

Suppose you have the regular shelves added in the interior and you want to add some pull-out shelves, refacing won’t do it for you! Check out the cost to install pull-out shelves in kitchen cabinets if you are really into it!

Same Space

If you opt for the upgrade of space, refacing isn’t the option. As there will be no changes in the interior, you cannot expect the changes in the interior. In case you want cabinet-box interior dimension changes and want a larger area, this isn’t possible with refacing.

The same goes for the countertop space and the layout- they won’t necessarily change with only refacing. Or if you want changes, you can replace the interior too by adding the best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets from the list! 

Tough Job

Changing the whole cabinet is easier than changing the door- no doubt. But when you do it yourself, there will be potential challenges that you need to face. In the case of replacing only the fronts of the kitchen cabinets, you have to go through veneering.

And if you are not a pro, in this case, you will end up ruining the outlook of the cabinet. We recommend going for DIY refacing if you have professional skills,

Additional Expenses

We have described above that the cost of refacing when it comes to the front parts of the cabinet is less than replacing the whole cabinet.

But we must mention that no matter it is only the front of the whole, you will surely need hinges and other necessary hardware. And if you are changing the previous ones with the new ones, the cost will go higher.

The cost won’t still be the same as replacing but it will be near to that. You might get confused because why wouldn’t you change the whole cabinet if you get that only by adding a little extra?

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Expense

So, when you are confused about refacing the cabinet, you must compare the cost so that you can have an idea of your expense. This makes the decision way easier. So, how much does it cost to reface cabinets in a small kitchen? Let’s take a look!

Basic Materials for Refacing


If you are settling for plastic laminate just like most people these days, you can complete the whole work at a very reasonable price. It will only cost you about $1000 to $3000 or close. The same amount will be required for rigid Thermofoil.

Solid Wood

Sometimes, plastic laminates are not what we want. For people that want a traditional finish, solid wood is a good choice too. For this, you have to pay a little extra as this is more robust than the previous one. It will cost you about $5000 or close.

Wood Veneers

If you are settling for wood veneers, you have to pay $2500 to more or less $6500 for changing the cabinets. This is the amount that you have to pay for oak- walnut or birch.

We recommend you this because these are more durable than the other items and if you plan on keeping the refacing for a long time, this can work better as this one’s robust.

The expense for the solid wood and wood veneers is higher than the laminates. In easier words, wood veneers are long-lasting and will give you a long-term service. This is why you need to pay more or less 25% extra compared to laminates in this case.

The same situation goes for solid wood. These are long-lasting too. But more than that, when you see solid wood wearing out, you can simply refinish it! Also, repairing is easier with solid wood.

Hardware and Equipment

For changing the front parts, you might need to replace the hardware too. The prices might vary depending on your preference. The handles will cost $5 to $15 and you might want to change the hinges.

For adding them, you will need a drill and drill bits. Check out drill bits for cabinets and buy one from the list if you can- it makes your job easier! In short, this amount for hardware completely depends on you.

If you have a small to the medium-sized kitchen, you have to make a budget of $4200 to $9250 if you want to give your kitchen a new look! 

Cabinet Refacing vs. Painting

To change the outlook, both refacing and refinishing or painting will work amazing. But you must keep in mind that painting will only change the color of the exterior and refacing will change the design of the exterior!

So if you want to change the design, refacing is the best option. However, to save money, painting or refinishing can be amazing too. This cost 40% less than refacing- keep this in mind!

Cabinet Replace or Reface

Replacing the cabinet will require changing the whole set of cabinets from the interior to the exterior, from the drawer slides to the hardware. This one’s gonna cost you a lot.

On the other hand, refacing only includes changes to the exterior that surely costs less. Is it cheaper to reface or replace cabinets? No doubt, refacing costs 30-40% less than replacing the whole cabinet set!

Should You Reface or Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Wrap Up

Replacing takes a lot of time and money- are you ready to spend so much just to change the outlook of the kitchen? If the interior part of the cabinet has no broken parts or slides if it is not so old and it does your job just fine- why do you want to change it?

Isn’t it just easy to change the exterior and enjoy saving some money? Go for it and let us know how well you did it!