Mortise Lock vs Rim Lock | Which One Should You Choose

Mortise and rim locks are seen on residential and business doors. One article could not include all of these locks and their variants.

Mortise Lock vs Rim Lock: these locks share a trait. When practicing size up, they are often confused. Now you can identify numerous critical elements from the outside, enabling you to put them before pulling the cylinder.

Mortise Lock vs Rim Lock

In contrast to rim locks, which are mounted on the door’s outside, mortise locks are mounted on the door’s inside. A skilled locksmith is your best bet to ensure your home’s safety. You need to know how a lock is made to install it for security concerns.

Rim Lock

A rim lock sits on an inside door’s surface. It is used for security and decoration. 

A Rim Lock Sits on an Inside Door's Surface

A rim lock has a key, while a rim latch has a thumb lock. The rim lock can be unlocked through one side, but just a steel key through the door links a coin-operated emergency release cap.

Many rim locks need door knobs to actuate the lever. The doorknob on the lock will have a back plate replaced.

Some rim locks are left- or right-handed to accommodate left- or right opening doors. Our door knobs operate with replaceable backplate rim locks and latches.

Mortice Locks

Mortice Locks Hold Doors Shut and Are Activated by a Spindle

Mortise lock vs Deadbolt would help you know better. With mortice locks, the lock is positioned into the door’s body. These need a pocket carved into the door for the lock.

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Mortice latches are bolts that keep doors closed and are actuated by a spindle that runs through the door and therefore is employed by door knobs or handles. The spring in the latch allows the exit knobs and handles to back into their original position.

If you are having a hard time closing your front door, here are some tips to help you close your front door.

Mortise Lock vs Rim Lock


RIM lock and mortise lock designs differ significantly. How mortise and RIM locks engage into the lock, and their tailpieces vary. Mortise locks feature threads and a cam.

RIM lacks a stem and door-facing bolts. Mortise locks seem depressed when fixed, whereas RIM locks thrust outward.

Morlise Lock vs Rim Lock

Due to external threading, mortise locks are easier to install by inserting the body into the door.

The safety is installed using screws. The RIM cylinder is held in place by two mounting bolts coupled to a steel plate behind the door.

Locking Mechanism

The absence of machinery in these two cylinders is another difference between RIM and mortise locks.

Mortise cylinders have a cam that rotates when the key is inserted. This triggers the lock.

The RIM lock’s threaded stem spins when the key is rotated. A mortise door lock is actuated from the inside down, whereas a RIM cylinder is operated from behind up.


RIM and mortise locks have different door installations. A mortise cylinder must be installed on a door’s side.

The RIM cylinder’s safety body lies outside the door and requires no holes. The lock requires a side hole. Mortise locks sit within the carved hole.

RIM locks are usually installed via an escape or panic bar. The panic bar is positioned beneath the lock to allow easy door opening.

RIM and mortise locks help protect houses and businesses, despite their variances. RIM and Mortise locks are dependable door locks for controlling access.

However, there are several versions of both locks to consider. Considering RIM and mortise locking systems differ, anticipate the same while picking models.

All door locks may be used in homes and businesses. Neither is better secure because of this. When buying RIM and mortise cylinders, you should also consider the price.

RIM and mortise door lock prices vary by model, materials, and polish, among other factors. This should not discourage getting a RIM or mortise lock for your house or company.

Budget-friendly safety. Good door locks may provide you with the greatest mortise or RIM lock for your budget. This can help you comprehend the pricing range and get the best deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mortise Lock Better?

A Mortise lock is Higher in Security. It requires a lot of force to break open the door when the lock is fitted. The harder it is to break open the lock, the more secure your facilities become.

2. What Is a Mortise and Rim Lock?

Mortise locks are installed inside a door, whereas Rim locks are installed on the external surface of a door. For the best indoor security, it is best to use a professional locksmith.

Final Words

Now you know the difference between mortise lock vs rim lock

The two cylinders’ tailpieces and lock fit vary. Mortise locks have a cam and threads. Rim cylinders feature protruding bolts and stems.

Mortise lock bodies fit within the door, while rim locks are outside. In most cases, this should help you determine your cylinder type.

This helps when servicing or replacing locks. If you have issues regarding a door’s locks, see a specialist.

You are safer when educated. You will always win if you know your safety.