6 Easy Steps on How Can You Spray Paint Door Hinges?

From 6 feet door to a 7-inch cabinet door, for every size, you need a hinge set to hold it all together. As a part of the decoration plan or protection, you may want to spray paint your hinges on your own. But, do you know, how can you spray paint door hinges? 

First, remove the hinge and rub it to clean up. Then wrap the surrounding area and start with a primer spray first. Wait a few hours to dry, and then spray paint oil-based color from an 8” distance. Wait for about 6 hours to dry the hinges. 

Can you spray paint door hinges

I’ll talk about how you can spray paint your door hinges along with some exceptions like doable for old door hinges and a few more. 

Can  You Spray Paint Door Hinges?

The answer is “Yes”, you can spray paint your door hinges by yourself. Relax, no need to storm your brain for the probable procedure, I’ll explain later in this article.  

Should I Spray Paint Door Hinges

Assuming that, you’ve searched for answers to this question many times on the internet and landed here. Honestly, to say, there are two theories that experts follow worldwide, i) must not spray paint the door hinges, and ii) spray paint the door hinges. 

Theoretically, the paint job can provide long-term durability. At the same time it can ruin if anything goes wrong. Experts advise to spray paint door hinges after a few years of installation. 

Here you won’t need to remove the existing finish, just blow the dust and spray the elements.

Purchasing primer-coated door hinges can also save you some time, and the hard work. If you have old hinges installed and are not willing to change them, in that case, you can paint them to make them look better.

What Kind of Paint Should I Use for Door Hinges?

As I said earlier, after applying the primer coat, you have to spray an oil-based color. You can also use metallic paint. 

Spray painting seems a better option than brushing because of its fast and easy application with a shorter drying period. Generally, a single can of paint can cover up to 15 square feet. 

And theoretically, it means you can spray around 15 dozen hinges with one coat or half in case you do it all at once.

You can use primer and color separately or a two-in-one can, it can save you some bucks. A few brand products work on all types of surfaces, so you won’t need to worry about it. 

But here you need to count some cut off as separately spray painting hinges is a bit less cost-effective.

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How Can You Spray Paint Door Hinges? 

How to spray paint door hinges easy way

Here, I want to share my personal experience, as I did in my apartment last year. . To do this you will need some stuff for instant –

  • Drill machine with bits
  • Hammer
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Cleaning Agent (soap, spray, water)
  • Thick steel wool or Sandpaper
  • Primer and main color
  • Masking tape, pallets such as cardboard, wood, and cloth

You can grab these elements from a hardware store easily. Let’s begin the procedure.

Removing the Hinges

With a screwdriver, you can easily remove the hinges. If you find it difficult, use the drill machine. Before that, lose the greasy pin with a hammer tap; this will separate the hinge from the door. 

Next, displace the hinge and keep every plate, screw carefully. If any hinge gets bound mistakenly, it would require only  6 steps to fix it.

Hinge Cleaning

Lukewarm water and liquid detergent are enough to clean all the hinges. But before that, you can rub them with steel wool or sandpaper to remove all the rust, debris, etc, and airflow at last. 

Sanding can make your painting a bit more long-lasting with a porous surface.

Laying Out

Here you can use any kind of spare surface with minimum strength to hold a few hinges. It can be a plastic board or wood piece, a thick layer of cloth, in my case leftover plywood. Make sure the surface you choose can be shifted easily with weight and has no problem with paint marks.

Primer Coating

Be careful this time. First, make sure your surroundings are dust-free and read all the directions on the can side. Next, shake it well, if you hear any sound from inside – don’t panic, it’s a ball only. Now apply the coat to every corner of the hinge and pins. If you miss any area, just add the touch-up.

Final Paint

After the primer coating dries out, spray your chosen oil-based color on every corner, and wait for 4-6 hours to dry. In the meantime, move those hinges so the parts don’t get stuck.


Now, you have to put all the hinge parts together and reinstall them. As you have pulled those pins out, a little touch of grease would be great. Now place the hinge and screw them properly.

Tip: If petroleum jelly is not available, a sufficient quantity of grease should be applied to the hinges instead, with regular gap.  It will reduce friction and perform a smooth, sound-less movement.

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Can You Spray Paint Old Hinges? Any Exception?

is spray painting on old door hinges effective

Spray painting is possible depending on the surface condition. If the hinges are older and you find them too rusty, you better replace them ASAP. As those rusty parts can break into pieces if tried to pry out. 

If the surface is not that rusty then you can spray paint them after a dust removal and sand rub season on each hinge. If you ask me, I would like to change the whole set after serving 10-15 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Spray Paint Hinges Without Removing Them?

First, coat every hinge with oil-based enamel (spray) keeping a distance of 8” from the metal. Now Spray the color of your choice and wait three hours to dry it out. Remember, to prevent sticking up, you must open and close the doors every hour.  

How Do You Make Old Door Hinges Look New?

As those door hinges are old, you must scrub all the hinges with thick steel wool. This will remove all the rust, dirt, and debris, then blow some air to clean it up. Afterward, spray some oil-based enamel and the color of your choice later. 

Keep the hinges moving every hour so it doesn’t get stuck. Even after the repeated motion, it is almost inevitable that some of the hinges will need to be replaced.

Can I Spray Brass Hinges?

Technically yes, you can spray on all types of metal hinges. But for brass hinges, you need to follow some specific steps as the surface is different from the metal one. Otherwise, the paint can peel off and start flaking. 

Wrapping Up

It’s certain that you must get the answer of “can you spray paint door hinges” before doing it. Otherwise, this might waste you some valuable money. By the way, you can spray paint to your door hinges. 

This depends on the condition of your hinges. If they are good enough to sustain a few years more, go for it. Otherwise, replacing them would be the right decision.