How to Install Butterfly Hinges? | Full Guidance with Necessary Steps

Although there are several loop mechanisms, butterfly loops can be the most straightforward to install on wooden door hinge designs.

So, how to install butterfly hinges?

In general, a hinge mechanism is quite simple and responsible for both opening and closing the door leaf as well as ensuring that it is secured to the door frame as firmly as possible. To guarantee proper installation, pay particular attention to how to tighten door hinges design before beginning the setup method.

So, let’s describe the entire process step by step below in the post. 

How to install butterfly hinges

Things That Are Needed to Install Butterfly Hinges


  1. Screwdriver
  2. Drill Machine
  3. Self-tapping screws
  4. Awl
  5. Clerical pencil
Things you need to install butterfly hinges


  1. Marine Plywood
  2. Rubber seal
  3. 3mm HDF
  4. 12mm MDF
Materials needed to install butterfly hinges

How to Install Butterfly Hinges?: Step by Step Process 

Take measurements

First, you need to decide in which part and from which side you need to install butterfly loops. After that, the markup is done. A tape measure measures 20–25 cm from the lower and upper sides of the door. Measured areas will be the basis for the installation of fasteners.

Mark the points

Since it is not necessary to embed the hinged mechanisms, the hinge plate must be attached to the door leaf to make the necessary marks in the calculated place. Pencils set the point where you need to drill a hole with a screwdriver.

Drill the holes accordingly

Drill the holes and then the drilled holes with screws must be screwed to the door and the door jamb. 

Hang the door

Gently hang the door, and check the smoothness of the hinges and the absence of extraneous noise. If there are defects, it is necessary to disassemble the structure in order not to get distortions later.

Carry out any preventive measures necessary

As soon as the installation of the loops is done, it is worthwhile to carry out preventive measures for the lubrication of structures.

Many people struggle with measuring the door for the perfect size. To fix up the hassles, you might check out our guide on how to measure a barn door.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to install butterfly hinges on cabinet doors?

To install butt hinges on cabinet doors, measure the width, put marks on the edge of the frame, carve into them using a knife, put the hinge into the mortise, fit it in place by hammering nails, insert the screws, hold the cabinet door while the hinge is installed.

How do you attach butterfly hinges?

To attach butterfly hinges, apply to the surface of the door leaf, drill holes for the hinges, set rotary axis, place the loop on the label, and pin plate with screws.

Bottom Line

Butterfly hinges are easy to install and don’t need a tie-in, so they may be installed at home without assistance from specialists. Butterfly hinges for interior doors have a fascinating look that gives any door a special flare. 

They have a somewhat retro appearance, but they are extremely lovely. Because it is so reasonably priced, everyone around the globe can use this fixture, and speed of installation. The hinges are really reliable and sturdy. This is why it might be handy to know how to install butterfly hinges.

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Here’s a great way to get less space between doors, adding beauty and space where you need it. Here’s how to install butterfly hinges.