What Size Pulls for Shaker Cabinets?

Pulls are not only important for opening and closing shaker cabinet doors and drawers, but they also enhance the style to give everything a seamless look. This is why installing the right-sized pulls on shaker cabinets is highly important. To learn about the ideal size of pulls, read along.

What Size Pulls for Shaker Cabinets

So, what size pulls for shaker cabinets? It will depend on several factors such as the length of the drawer, number of pulls used, etc. For example, if a shaker cabinet drawer is 12-18 inches long, it should ideally have 5-6 inches long pulls. 

This guide will elaborate on what size pull should be used on different shaker cabinets. There will also be the idea of how to use pulls to elevate the look of the cabinets. Let’s get started.

What Size Pulls for Shaker Cabinets?

Before we go to the size of the pulls, let us look at what pulls to use with shaker cabinets.

Which Type of Pulls Is the Best for Shaker Cabinets?

Bar pulls are the most contemporary for any cabinet door or drawer. From shaker cabinets to slab-style cabinets, bar pulls suit everything and bring a modern look to them.

Bar Pulls Are the Most Contemporary for Any Cabinet Door or Drawer.

Cup pulls on shaker cabinets are pretty commonly used. These are smaller than bar pulls but add a bit of advantage while opening straight drawers. 

Finger pulls are mostly used when you need a low pulling force, such as light drawers or smaller cabinet doors. But overall, bar pulls are the most suitable for your cabinets.

What Size Pulls Are the Best for Shaker Cabinets?

Do you know how to measure pulls for shaker cabinets? The ideal length will depend on several factors. Let us explain them here.

Use 3-5 Inches of Pulls Depending on the Drawer Length

Drawers or Doors up to 30 inches: In these cases, you might need to use 3-5 inches of pulls depending on the length of the drawer or the cabinet door. There is no need to use multiple pulls on such cabinets.

Drawers or Doors Larger Than 30 Inches: If the drawer or cabinet door length is more than 30 inches, you should go for appliance pulls of a larger size. These pulls are usually 12 inches long, and one of them should be enough for each drawer. But if you plan to use multiple pulls, two 5-inch pulls will be okay.

Here is a cabinet pull size chart you can check out to find out the ideal size of pulls for your cabinets.

Should Cabinet Pulls All Be the Same Size?

It depends on the arrangement of the cabinet and your personal preferences. There are various options to install pulls. We will show you some examples of how you can arrange pulls to keep everything on the tone.

Installing Same Size Pulls

If the difference in the lengths of drawers and cabinet doors isn’t too big, you can use the same size pulls for all drawers. This will maintain a seamless look throughout the kitchen interior. You can use a 3-inch pull for 30 inch cabinet.

Installing Pulls of Different Sizes

This will bring a bit of variation to the interior. If the difference between the drawers or cabinet doors is too big, installing the same size pulls on all of them might not look good.

In this case, you can use different size pulls to keep the proportion right. To get a balanced look, you can use 9-inch or larger pulls for 42 inch cabinets.

What If All Pulls Aren’t the Same Size?

Technically, there is no problem if you install different size pulls on shaker cabinets. As long as you maintain a good proportion that will help you pull the drawer or the cabinet door easily, you are good to go.

But if you want to elevate the aesthetics of your interior, you should align the size of the pulls to bring a better look. For example, you can choose two sizes of pulls. One of them can go on smaller drawers, and the other will be installed on larger doors. 

So, mixing different size cabinet pulls isn’t a problem until you follow no design rules. 

Should Shaker Cabinet Pulls Be the Same Size as Drawer Pulls?

There are debates on this topic. Some homeowners say using the same size pulls on cabinet doors as well as on doors give them a bit of symmetry. But some others find it more useful to install different size pulls on doors and drawers. 

If you still don’t know, where to put handles on shaker cabinets, check this guide out before going to the next section.

You can arrange the pull sizes in three ways. Follow these methods to get them installed in the right orientation.

Using One Long Pull: If you want to use the same size pulls on shaker cabinets and drawers, you can choose a long pull that will fit everywhere. Long pulls on kitchen cabinets make it easier to open the cabinet doors or drawers even if they are heavy.

How to Install different size pulls on doors and drawers

Using Two Short Pulls: Multiple pulls aren’t commonly used on shaker cabinet doors. But they can be placed on drawers that are too long. Pulling the drawer using both pulls will ensure the drawer comes out smoothly.

Using Same Size Pulls: If you want a balanced look of the cabinets, you can use the same size pulls. 

Final Words

Pulls have always been a great way to modify the beauty of shaker cabinets. With newer pull designs, you can add even more charm to your shaker-style cabinets. To do that, you need to pick the right size pull depending on the cabinet type and size. 

In this guide, we discussed how to choose the right pull size for shaker cabinets. You might have also learned how to arrange pulls to get your desired look in the kitchen or bathroom interior.