How To Fix A Stripped Cabinet Knob?

Due to the stripped cabinet knob or pull, the door or drawer turns faulty. In that case, closing or opening the cabinet has become very difficult. Now, it’s time to fix it. But how to fix a stripped cabinet knob?

How To Fix A Stripped Cabinet Knob

Here is the solution. This article will describe the step-by-step process of fixing the cabinet knob that has been stripped or broken.

What Causes A Cabinet Knob To Get Stripped?

There are several reasons for causing the knob to come off. Sometimes, it depends on the type of the knob.

Usually, if the knob is wooden, then the primary reason is the moisture in the knob or the traction loss. And if the knob is metal, then the reason might be the loose screw or something else.

Moisture in the knob causes it to strip

Mostly, once you install a new drawer pull, it lasts for 1-2 years without any issues. But, after that period, the handle turns loose, and one day it just comes off the cabinet.

When it becomes loose, you may notice that the knob is not holding the screw tightly even after twisting it for so long. In that case, you need to know how to keep drawer pulls from spinning.  

How To Fix A Stripped Cabinet Knob: Step By Step

When you are going to start to fix the knob, check the condition of the knob. If it is just loose, then you have to tighten it. In this regard, you need to know how to fix loose knobs on the dresser.

But, if your knob is broken or has come off from the cabinet, we have provided a step-by-step process to fix it here.

Step 1: Accumulate The Necessary Tools

To complete the whole process, you need some tools. Accumulate them first. They are:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Screw
  3. Wood sliver or splinter
  4. Wire gauge or stripper

Step 2: Measure The Screw 

If your cabinet pull is broken due to the faulty screw, you will need a new replacement screw. But, you have to measure the current size of the knob’s screw first. Then, match the size with the replacement. Mostly it is hard to find the exact match of the screw. You may get the large one from the shop. So, you can use a marker to mark the size.

Step 3: Cut The Screw

Next, you will need to cut off the new screw once you have measured the old one and marked a point on the replacement. You might make use of the wire gauge in order to do this activity. All you need to do are insert the screw hole’s inside with the help of a screwdriver and then cut it off.

Remember, when you are cutting the screw, try to do so a few millimeters below the mark. This will make your replacement screw a little bigger than the old one. In this way, the knob will hold it tightly.

Step 4: Insert The Wood Sliver Into The Knob

Now, you need to insert the wood sliver or splinter as down as it goes into the knob. And then cut the end off. Make sure that no excess wood or plastic is protruding from the break. 

Remember, if the hole is not totally filled up, it means there should be space on either side of it. That is because it will provide traction for the screw. However, if your drawer handles have two attachments, you may use one in each of the holes that might need a little additional grip.

Needless to say, this sliver of wood is very useful for other fixes. If you know how to fix large hole in cabinet, you may use this wood slice to fill the hole or crack. 

Step 5: Put The Screw At The Back Of Cabinet

Once you have got the screw at the right size and your knob is filled with the wood sliver, you need to start the installation. Now put the screw in the back of the door or drawer cabinet

Step 6: Place The Knob In Right Place

Finally, it’s time to complete the installation. Place the knob in such a way that the screw’s end can get into the knob’s hole. Instead of twisting the knob, which might potentially remove the paint from the drawer, you should use a screwdriver. 

If the screw goes all the way down into the drawer, you may shim it up with a little washer. The main purpose is to attach the screw to the knob firmly.

Step 7: Test The Knob

You have fixed your stripped cabinet knob. Now you just need to give a check. You’ve done well if the knob doesn’t wobble or fall off in your hand! 

7 Steps To Fix A Stripped Cabinet Knob


If you have wooden almirahs, doors, drawers, and other wooden items at home, then having a stripped cabinet door is very common. It usually happens after prolonged use. You may contact a carpenter to fix it. However, knowing how to fix a stripped cabinet knob can save you both time and money.

You simply need some basic tools and knowledge. Here, we have tried to give a detailed step-by-step process to make your fixes easy and swift. Hopefully, you have understood them properly. Follow them accordingly.

Finally, don’t forget to let us know how it’s going.