Larson Storm Doors Screen Replacement in Simple Steps

You may find a Larson storm doors screen replacement method a bit challenging since they come in different sizes and are retractable. However, this guide will help you to understand the replacement process easily. 

So how do you remove a Larson screen? The very first step to replace the Larson door screen is to remove the whole screen first. 

Proceed with removing the spacers, clipping, and screwing to make easy access to the screen. Now, cut the screen to remove it. Adjust the new screen, and mount everything unmounted. 

Larson Storm Doors Screen Replacement

If you want to know the detailed process of how you can quickly replace the Larson storm door screen, keep reading. 

How to Replace Larson Storm Door Screen?

I will show you how to replace the screen in Tradewinds storm doors. And you will be able to change any Larson storm door screen no matter – big, medium, or small.

You will find two separate glass windows in Larson tradewinds storm doors. And the screen stays attached to the top glass. Now to remove it, go by the following steps –

Steps to Larson Storm Doors Screen Replacement

Remove Spacers 

You will need to bend down a little to find the two spacers attached to the bottom glass. With the help of a flat-headed screwdriver, pull out the spacers from each side of the front glass. All you gotta do is –

  • Insert the screwdriver in the middle of the spacers
  • Press it down 

And it will come off quickly. 

Remove T-clips 

After removing the spacers, you will need to remove the bottom glass. 

  • Go to the other side of the door and remove the screws from each side of the bottom glass. 
  • Now you can remove the t-clips easily with a flat-headed screwdriver. 
  • Slide the flat-head beneath the t-clip’s visible portion and push it upwards. 
  • Remove the t-clips from both sides of the glass window. 

Take Out Bottom Window

With everything detached, you can now easily take the bottom window out of the door frame by slowly pulling it out. 

Cut the Screen

  • First, pull down the screen and cut it a few inches up from the bottom.  
  • Make sure to hold it tight while you attempt to do so. Because as soon as you cut, the screen will roll up very fast. 
  • The roll stays inside the dowel-shaped screen cover at the top of the door. 
Pull down the screen and cut it

Dismount the Screen

  • With the help of a screwdriver, carefully remove the screws from the dowel-shaped screen cover. 
  • You are now able to detach the screen cover and see the rolled-out screen. Now, rotate it out. 
  • Slide up the screen portion left in the window, and take out the whole top window. 

Remount the Screen

  • Once the window is out, you can easily slide out the remaining old screen. And then slide in the new one.  
  • Now, fix the top window back to its previous place.
  • With the help of two chip-like latches, attach the screen-roll to the window.
  • Now, screw in the screen cover.

Reverse the Process

  • Now we will put the bottom window back in its place. 
  • Re-install the T-clips and put the screws back in.
  • Remount the spacers.

And voila! You have your screen replaced!

In case you need a visual demonstration, feel free to check out this youtube video:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Screens in Larson Storm Doors Retractable? 

Larson Storm Doors uses retractable screens that you can easily retract when not using the screen. The screen protects the house from harmful UV rays, harsh weather, and flying insects, and makes way for winds to pass. 

2. What is Larson Storm Door Screens made of? 

The screen mesh in Larson Storm Door is made of aluminum which provides durability and is available in different sizes made to fit in patios, exterior doors, and garages. 

3. Are Retractable Screens Available for Larson Storm Doors?

Larson Storm Doors have retractable screens available for sale. They provide a special kind of screen that rolls up in a dowel. You can replace them in case of torn or any damage to the screen. 

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Final Words

The most important part of screen replacement is screen removal and fixation. But if you cautiously follow the described steps, you can replace the door screen without much trouble. 

With only two tools – one screwdriver and one flat-headed screwdriver, you can finish the Larson Storm Doors Screen Replacement process quickly.